Got this very early Durban poison

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  1. Hi there all. Looking for advice on my Durban Poison I’m growing outdoors in Maine seeds were sprouted and in soil May 1st they were outside around June 5th. I’ve got one plant that’s telling me it’s almost time to harvest wile others are behind. Here are some pics. What’s everyone’s opinion?

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  2. Is that the trichomes off the bud or the sugar leaf? Sugar leaf trichomes turn before the bud trichomes. Do u have white hairs left on buds?
  3. Those are tricks from various buds about an inch or less from main colas are
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  4. Here is some pics of plant and flowers.

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  5. I e got around 30% brown hairs on lower buds and have been fighting botrytis in a few areas now we’re about to get some heavy rain.
  6. I wouldn’t consider myself a novice grower and I’m not a veteran. My instincts are too try and wait a week or two but then second guess myself when Wet weather is on its way in. Just treated plants with spills 420 fungus bully. I’m heading towards a caregivers license and am depending on advice from veterans.
  7. Look like they got a while. White pistols need to turn and receed. Unless those are new white pistols? Orange ones below? Also how many weeks have they been flowering?

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  8. I would say like 3 weeks they do look like they have only been flowering for like a month?

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  9. Not ready
  10. This lady’s been flowering earlier than any others around July 15th most white on tops and orange are below.
  11. I’m gonna try and let her go for another 2-3 weeks. Thank you all for your input. I needed the reassuring that I was making the write decision. Reaffirms my desire to become a legitimate farmer in this industry when you’ve got others to share the love and knowledge of the art. Thanks again.
  12. Ok well the white pistols maybe from a second kick or if it's been real warm they will do that. Tuff call. I would take a nug and go trim it up. Than look at it. Let it dry for like 4 days and see what u got

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  13. That's a beautiful plant. Shake off what rain you can take your chances. Good luck.
  14. It’s actually been colder last couple days I think we had a low the other night around 50.

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  15. Unfortunately wile I was worried about this earliest blooming one and Botrytis after the insanely heavy down pore I came out this morning and found this.

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  16. yeah that hurts.
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  17. I do believe we have the making of a great Blues song, here.
    I hope you have a better day.
    Man, but I’d be upset... beside myself.

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