Got these for 20. The dude said its sour diesel, is it true? If not, how do they look?

Discussion in 'General' started by Murd0ck, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. Looks a little brown to me. $10 a gram mids.
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  2. Looks old, dry, and like you got ripped off. Almost like Reggie brick. Get a refund if you can. Shame on your dealer.
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  3. Probably not, no...But might be, possibly.:coolalt:
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  4. I agree it's definitely old weed. Sorry man someone got over on you.
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  5. Little pricey even if it was diesel, but I can't tell the size very well.
    Definitely not what you paid for.
  6. I just got this today for 20$ 2.5 gs
    My harvest is coming soon so i didnt wana buy that much
    Ive been taking weed naps all day. Definitely an indica
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  7. smoke it. if it gets you high. Job well done
  8. How does it taste ? It looks like shit on a stick .BUT if it tastes like diesel (fuel) and gets you ripped might be OLD 6 months or more. which means it cured instead of just dried making it kinda worth it .BUT you have to tell us. by the look you got fuct paying 20. but if it's good and tasty etc. it might come close to 15 ...not 20 cuz it's not appealing at all.

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  9. It might be Sour D, if so it's an old crusty batch.
  10. Definitely got ripped off bro. Do yourself a favor and wrap it in orange peels in the fridge in a container overnight.
  11. Looks aren't everything though... two weeks ago I got a nice one time offer for $55q when the market is $80 in this area (can't wait to be back in FL)... I was broke and I really had no other hookups in town so I decided to check it out.

    Bud was ugly and dark green/brownish.. had a nice skunk/dank smell though, and to be honest I thought it was gonna be some shitty indica so I asked to smoke some before I bought it (always try before you buy if it looks iffy)... ended up being an absolutely killer hybrid... my friends liked it too.
  12. Definitely not worth 20

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