Got the smoker cranking...

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  1. I'm in the process of cooking the mother's day meal. Smoked Pastrami, made with a Dijon mustard, garlic, & brown sugar rub; and a Smoked Pork, yet to be pulled with a oil & vinegar+ garlic rub. Left out some ingredients on purpose i don't want any copy-cat cookers lol. Post up blades
  2. Wow that sounds good.

    Smoked pork... nothing beats it!
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    Edit: Show me some love if you know how awesome of a car I drive, battle scars and all
  4. That sounds really good , take some pics of it when your done.
  5. Pastrami is done! smells very smoky hopefully the taste is mellow and good

    Here's the Pork still Roastin'

    N after all this is a weed forum..
    Here's the new case, wonder whats inside

    Weed, really good Jack Herrer too. Deff give you the head buzz, this is bong weed not blunt weed. Even tho i've already smoked 3 blunts of it [​IMG] bout 2g's
  6. Looks like a good Mothers day.
  7. Meat was good, pork was delicious. I think I put it in a bit too early as the pastrami had a particularly strong Smokey taste. It frankly tasted like beef jerky. So it needs some work there. Still gotta get used to smoker cookin

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