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  1. I like my sex life.
    It's not as frequent as it used to be...we're married and have been together 14 years, both in our early 30's - we're not any longer the "fuck 5 times a day and in every room we can" crowd...hell, sometimes it's less than weekly.

    But when it's on, shit it's just me, not that I had a huge amount of experience before her, as exciting as it was to sleep with a new partner it's not shit on sleeping with someone who just works well with you and pleasures you perfection.

    It's funny, she's more like a guy in the orgasm factor which is the shit...she can ride for about 20 seconds and be ready to pop, it' so mad slowing her down and making her wait for it...builds up like whut...she's like, so good to go...

    I love watching her when she's on top, feeling her move, seeing her orgasm intensify while we continue while she's cumming...seriously, after all these years the sex is still awesome.

    Last night, got that at 1am. Fuck yeah.
  2. I liked this post. Way to get it, married guy.
  3. Congrats man.

    I got kinda turned on reading that.
  4. Me too dude, made a tent with me sheets lol
  5. I want to like every post in this thread but I'm on mobile. Somebody should do it for me.

  6. gotcha covered bro
  7. Ha LOL didn't even think anyone would reply.
    *takes a muthafuckin' bow*

  8. she busts her nuts on your tits?
  9. Yech...!
    No, she just cums quick as all fuck...
  10. Hahaha lucky man!
  11. now the question is ,...

    hows the head ?

  12. oh yea, my girls like this too..

    dont sell yourself short.. its probably that d you got swingin.. you got the d huh buddy?

  13. Hm...'bout a 7?
    Shit, it could be zero with sex like I get.

    She likes the curve LOL
  14. [​IMG]

    What I pictured when I read "Got the sex" and "Married for 14 years."
  15. Haha I'm 31 man...yeah we just met young as all fuck.
  16. Hah I know. The wording just seemed funny to me and I pictured old people.

    Im sick, I know.

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