Got The Prince Albert Done Taking Questions....

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  1. Hello! I made a topic awhile ago expressing interest in prince albert piercings and i am proud to say that i have succesfully got it done and it is healing nicely! IF you do not know what a prince albert piercing is, it is a piercing from under the glans of the penis next to the frenulum unto the urethra. There is many different kinds of jewelry for it too. Its been 3 weeks tomorrow since it was done. I would like to say that i am pretty open minded when it comes to body modifications and am always looking for what to do next. I would love to take any and all questions that you guys have about it....

  2. Get that gooch-ring next.
  3. Did it hurt?
  4. Surprisingly not that much. Id rate it a 3/10 pain and it only lasted for 15 seconds. I found it rather odd that it didnt hurt after i got it pierced. The most uncomfortable part was the receiving tube down my urethra to catch the needle. I was easily able to get up and walk and bend over and even drove myself home. The worst part was the first piss i took as it burned because its a puncture wound. I realized i dont really need to clean it that much as urine is sterile and it cleans itself when i go to the bathroom. 
  5. I've wanted to do this for a while, too much of a wuss though lol. 
    At what point will it be healed enough to where you can actually use it, 'nawmsayin?
  6. It is not that bad. Thinking about it is the absolute worst part. The actual pain of the needle isnt that bad its just uncomfortable and an awkward situation to have someone do that but i absolutely LOVE it. I waited 4 days before i took it for a test spin myself and it was tender but manageable. It was a week before i took it slow with  my partner.
  7. Was it a dude or a chick that pierced you? Woulda been really awkward if a dude did it i bet

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  8. If its an experienced peircer it shouldnt be awkward, youre just another peice of meat to them. Also i feel like a guy might be a little more comforting in the sense that he knows what your about to go through and a has a dick himself so i feel like hed be more in tune with things a girl might not think about, its only really a prob if you arent confident in your sexuality. A girl would just be nice because well, the reasons are pretty obvious.
  9. It was a chick and the whole experience was really professional. I thought itd be awkward among other things and but i found out that the tattoo and piercing community is really professional and was super suprised it wasnt even a tad bit awkward. 
  10. i've wanted to do it for years but i always chicken out. i guess i should get a different piercing as a test run first. i do have a pretty good tolerance to pain though, i cut myself on accident all the time and dont even realize it until i look down and realize my arm, leg, or w/e is covered in blood.
  11. That made me cringe.
  12. Do you plan on spanking when the healing process is over to test it out?
  13. Thats the part that is making me hesitate on it lol.
    Reminds me of catheters and those fuckers HURT
  14. Its really not that bad and i say go for it, you will NOT regret it.
    It wasn't that bad man. It just felt weird.
    Its already tested out ;)
    This doesn't hurt and i find myself counting down the days till i can stretch it and get a bigger gauge ring in there lol.....
  15. so has it made sex feel better ?
  16. Phenomenally better and my partner said likes the feeling of the captive bead ring inside him and the way it rubs inside. It stimulates the inside of the urethra which actually feels good.
  17. Are you sleeveless or are you rocking the hoody? lol I'm part of the hoody crew, just wondering how it works, can you bang chicks with it?
  18. Why do you desire a metal ring in your penis?
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    I know my guy wouldn't be down for this. I take the piercings for the both of us, but I can dream can't I?  :wub:
    Because piercings are awesome and extra stimulation for both parties is always good

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