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    so im holding onto my friends bong for the summer and it was broken and dirty. I thought i would be a nice friend and clean and repair his bong so that it would look nice. So after I cleaned it. I took off the tape, (bad decision) and decided to use super glue so that the bong would be nice without the tape. As soon as i put it back together i realized some super glue dripped inside the bong. of course, i start to panic and take it apart. Is there a way to get the super glue off the bong?
  2. Here is a picture Picture 7.jpg
  3. Buy a cheap 12 inch bong off grasscitys for 80$
  4. Picture 9.jpg nah
  5. ISO will take off the glue.

    I was gonna recommend tape lol. The break looked clean enough.

    FYI, Amazon has a few Chinese vendors with very cheap bongs. Long shipping time but it's worth it if you are poor like me and can't afford an 80$ peice.
  6. Buy a new bong, are you guys in high school or something super glue wtf? :sick: :laughing: Gatorade bottles, soda cans all over the place :laughing:
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  7. Nah, but I get it though. these things cause sentimentality.
  8. Cheap 10 dollar China glass?
  9. Not about the monies bro. It's about the memories. Can't put a price on those
  10. The bong doesn't bring the memories, just a material item. You can make those same memories If it wasn't in the picture.
  11. You are both correct and wrong lol

    In the end this is a personal preference.
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  12. i guess if I told you I still had the underwear from when I lost my :yay:V card:love:, you'd probably laugh...
  13. Well thats a different sorry :smoking:
  14. Upto the last time I moved house I still had my first bong. The little acrylic POS. When it turned out that sitting on a shelf for over a decade caused it to decompose, I threw the brittle, partially goopified thing in the trash.

    It was a sad moment, but meh. The grommet was melting. The acrylic itself had some sort of black mould on the inside. Turns out that mould eats that kind of plastic.

    Anyways. On topic... Superglue isn't food safe, neither is the adhesive on most tape. I wouldn't smoke from a taped/glued bong. Just like I wouldn't have coffee from a glued mug.
  15. It's has died. Supergluing it back together is great to keep the "memory" of it intact but it is done for as it once was.

    Superglue it and put it on a shelf in the background for your memories.


    Use earth clay/terracotta and mush it together and let it dry. Will look like dirt but it's pretty non toxic (as opposed to crayola self drying or something) then let it "chill" in the oven a bit.

    Unfortunately for a fully fired ceramic your temp is going to be higher than glass melting point but I'm sure there are other workarounds. If you're really industrious you could make the impression. Fire that and then fit it together.

    GL. It's a shelf piece now, further breaks will destroy it beyond shelf value.
  16. Get extremely hot water like boil water pour it down the bong and the superglue should melt
  17. :coffee:


    Superglue will loosen in alcohol or fingernail polish remover. Some chipping at the build up with a metal blade will be necessary, but you can get it off. The metal blade will not scratch the glass.

    I would give up on smoking the bong. Clean it up, re-glue it...and put it up to look at. :D

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