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got stoned last night

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smoking Buddah, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. ok, so i score a 1 1/2oz stash, moke 1 kinda small bowl and i'm plastered.... but like 30 minutes into it my heart began to burn and the veins in my neck popped out and becam VERY painful, i almost felt like i was having a heart attack, why does this happen all the time when i'm stoned?
  2. weed does constrict blood vessels...... thats how the redeye comes into play
  3. weed expands blood vessels doesn't it? if it constricts them then the vessels would be as apparent.
  4. Your body could have some strange reaction with THC, be careful with it. I wouldn't smoke if that happened to me everytime I got stoned, as feeling pain when you're fucked up kinda ruins it.
    edit: I got really stoned last night too:)
  5. It's usally after ou've had loads of Weed, but if you Start off only havin a bit of weed then gradually Have More And You won't get it again thats how i stopped it. ;-)
  6. I hit my bowl again last night and it was almost the same, but this time it was just my heart burning.... i fealt really good after about 45 minutes though and began to see things and then i passed out for 7 hours, not sleep... PASSED OUT!

  7. exactly the opposite is true.
  8. passing out is cool

    tunnel vision is cooler

    generally not getting REALLY monged sucks
  9. ^^^^ village idiot.. hehe.. iam just pulling your tail... if thats what people say ok alrught yeah, quit smoking if it giving you that much trouble
  10. hopefully this burning doesnt last to much longer. did u just start smoking? cause if you did maybe its your body getting used to it. however be carefull iv seen people go to the hospital cause they smoked and its cause they figuered out that they are allergic to weed.
  11. Man thats some incredible hulk shit or something. See how far you can jump. lol j/k I would definately be careful when smoking if that happened. We don't want to lose a fellow stoner

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