got some quality seeds to grow and would like some help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by purplehaze, Jun 29, 2001.

  1. i have just finished an oz of white widdow and got about 20 seeds from the buds
    I decided to grow some so i started to germinate 2 seeds.... no problem after 3 days they both started to sprout
    they are now in small pots as seedlings..

    the advice i need is :---
    i do not have any good growing areas either outdoor or on a window sill. my house is far too public, i also do not have anywhere to set up even a small hydroponic system
    (the cost and getting caught with a system like that is just not worth it)

    what i want to do is just grow 1 or 2 plants on the floor near to the window so it gets at least some light, they would be treat just like house plants
    I do not expect a high yeild, fast growth or even a high thc level but i would at least expect some growth after all they are just plants

    does any one have any advice or experience of this type of growing (time scale, control of size, watering etc.) and if so it would be greatly appreciated by me

    i live in the north east of the UK so climate is not perfect

    thanks in advance
  2. Hey man...My favorite hobby...gardening ;)

    I'd be happy to share my knowlege with you.

    leave me a message at:

    Happy Trails..........jack
  3. i now have 2 1-inch seedlings any help would still be appreciated
  4. Purplehaze,
    Do you have a closet? How about a corner? Go to Home DePot and get 2 4ft shop lights the flourescent ones. Get 2 warm white and two cool white tubes. Take them home and prop the lights against the wall plug them in and put the plants on the floor between the lights and the wall. Instant grow. :)


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