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Got Some More Blonde Lebanese Hash :D

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by s0ulsbane, May 11, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys :hello:,
    Just woke up today in Beirut, no university today :devious: hehe
    Just wanna share some hash pics with u :D That's a small piece in the pic (just 7.3g) but I'm getting a refill in a couple days ;)
    Sorry for the shitty quality, cellphone camera :rolleyes:

    Sorry guys gotta go smoke my joint and check out some threads while listening to Kid Cudi :D

    Post your opinions :)

    PS: Please can somebody tell me how can I add images directly to the post?? I read about it in the FAQ but couldn't figure it out (couldn't find the "arrow next to the 'Attachment Icon' ":confused_2:).

    Attached Files:

  2. How much that run you? I had the pleasure of getting some Lebanese last year and havent been that high to date:(. Its hard to tell from the pics but it looks to be the same color mine was.

    I bet its super cheap there to.
  3. haha yea man i just finished my pretty baked :)
    yea its pretty cheap usually 3-4$ a gram but I gotta pretty good connect so i dont buy less than a bag of 25g which is about 33$ :p
  4. What the hell man? $33 for damn near an ounce of hash? You bastard!

    When I first saw that thread title I thought it said Blonde Lesbian hash. I was laughin my ass off!
  5. use a site like photobucket and upload your pics there, after you upload, each pic has an IMG link, which will put a big pic directly in ur post.

    Or you can go to your gallery, click on the picture you want, copy the URL ((The address of the pic if you didnt know))

    And then put it inside of this

    [I M G] copy url here [/I M G] but remove the spaces.


    btw, nice stash
  6. 10x a lot for the help man :)
  7. Wow those are some incredible prices
  8. Nice spliff. :)
  9. [ame=]YouTube - Lebanese Blonde[/ame]
  10. thx dude :)
  11. Great hash and rolling my man. I've always wanted to try Lebanese Blonde, too bad hash in general is too hard to find where I live.
  12. looks killer

  13. in lebanon bro...u get 100 grams for 66$...If you have the right connection!
  14. You sir, know how to roll. :metal:
  15. oh shit! i thought it was lesbian hash!! lmao im fucking retarded!
  16. That is a good lookin' chunk you got there, dude. And you have joint rolling skills on lock!
  17. thanks a lot gus :D
    im getting some more tomorrow ill be posting some pics and some fat joints :smoke:
  18. Who's Gus? :confused:

    And I'll definitely stop into this thread to see some more of your good looking hash/joints. :)
  19. I absolutely love blond hash man. +Rep. Looks great. :)
  20. Damn, solid joint bud.

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