got some large lower leaves with little turned down tips

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  1. Hey all got a plant with a few large fan leaves with the very tips pointed down.only given cal mag twice nothing else just using biobizz all mix soil.been switched to 12/12 for 7 days now hope it's not nitrogen toxicity plant 6 weeks old any info be great
  2. Pictures are the only real way to see what's wrong with the girl. You are totally explaining the claw which is nitro poison, without pictures hard to make a diagnosis on your girl.
  3. Over watering also causes this, poor drainage watering to often.every 3-4 days watering with some runoff sound like how you water?
  4. Here are so e pictures

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  5. that looks fine, keep doing what your doing.
  6. It might be a slight nitro overage but really you got nothing to worry about. That girl looks f I n e fine. You could stand to cut a few of your lower leaves to make it easier to see top soil and water her, lower leaves don't do a whole lot once you have a plant that size. I wouldn't loose any sleep over that girl. Just keep doing your thing man, feed her some bloom nutes soon and look back at this and laugh. I lost a ton of leaves when I switched to flowering my bloom room was just to crowded and they yellowed out from no light. Switching to flowering is rough on them, so any small issues you had gets magnified at that point.
    Always ph your water and if add nutes ph water after adding the nutes. Stay around 6.2-6.5 7ish won't kill you always allow for some ph drift.
  7. I water when pot iis light about every 5 days
  8. Also while you got the chance still I would take off some lower sucked tops I call them. Branches that not get as much light that will just rob your plant of resources it could put into the top cola buds. This is my view on how they grow and some people don't share it. Personally I think that getting rid of the popcorn style bud branches helps out.
  9. Ok cheers I just gave soil a little flush just get some n out before I give her food next waterin I will trim what you said mate cheers for your answers guys
  10. Always do independent research on how to treat the ladies but GC is here to help when you just can't make up your mind. If you ever have any more issues just track me down and I will see if I can help.
  11. your plant looks excellent..
    just keep doing whatever you were doing before you made this thread..
  12. would a little soil flush to get the pre fert out cause any harm had some yellowing tips on top as well see
  13. honesty i don't see what dumping mass amounts of water down your plants throat will do to improve an already happy and healthy looking plant.
    a few yellow leaves are going to happen.. it just happens to any plant over time.
    look at the new growth, if that's coming out healthy then you're good.
  14. didnt want to much nitrogen before she starts growth is fine except the tips are yellow which I was told was nute burn. I flushed her a little bit anyways so ile start her feed next watering was a lot off food still in soil and didn't want to over do it. Also new growth is light green been told this happens softer light switch is this true ?
  15. Your plants throwing gang signs at you! It's ok she's just trying to tell you that your not welcome in the hood!

    Lol, plant is healthy, I would say it's cal/mag build up, that is all. I don't use cal/mag personally. She'll be fine :)

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