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Got some way to enjoy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CA MMJ, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. So one of my best friend's brother just finished his Grow, and he gave me some very respectable prices =D He gave me a little over a gram of some high quality Purple Candy BubbleHash for around 15 dollars, along with 7 grams of a mix of Cheese/Purple Candy for $50....anyone got any suggestions on the best way to enjoy this hash? I have a nice glass bong, couple different sized pipes, a bubbler, a shitty vaporizer, papers, etc.....any suggestions on the best way to get high off hash, much appreciated :smoke:
  2. I usually just throw some on the top of a pipe bowl of some good dank.

    Ocasionally I use this method, you might like it.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]
  3. pack layers of hash then weed.etc

    Shit gets you ripped :smoke:

    or hot knife if you can
  4. Whoah! Thats pretty awesome, ill try that soon =O Unfortunetly, I can't try it with this bubble hash as its too crummmmbly =/
  5. my favorite way to smoke hash is to hit it by itself in my bong with a screen so nothing falls through
  6. All good suggestions......i think ill do what hungry ghost said first, because I can't do the other methods right now =/
  7. The coolest new thing is rectal absorbtion. Try it out sometime. :confused:
  8. sprinkle that shit on a blunt!
  9. smoke it like *bleep* Yea thats where you put the hash in somthing and heat it up from underneath with a flame so it gradual gets hot to the point of releasing vapour without scortching it by touching a flame to it.

  10. So I just shoved about a gram of hash into a couple gel caps and tried that rectal absorbtion long till it kicks in?

    Jk ahaa
  11. If it's crumbly, top off a jibb or a joint with it, then just roll it up. You could also top a bowl, or cook with it. If you don't have a piece or papers, then i'd put it on like a spoon and heat it up from the bottom so it boils (so sketchy though).
  12. toss it in some glass, heat set glass.

    inhale smoke
  13. Haha, might try that spoon thing, hopefully no one walks in on me thinkin im a junkie...
  14. i've only smoked it a couple times, and each time we just kinda cut off little pieces, or slice off a thin layer if that makes sense.

    but that video a few posts up looks sweet.
  15. Rectal absorption might actually work.

    Hot knives is a good technique, but its tricky to master if you've never tried it before. Heat up two knives on your stove top and then place your hash on the tip of one of the knives and press the other on top of it. Use a small funnel to inhale the smoke, there should be a lot of it.

    The first time I tried this I burned the hash ball way too quickly and wasted all the smoke went up in the air.
  16. healthstone glass, titanium hash swing, quartz nail.

  17. Link is broke for me. What was it?

    Ball on pin method ?
  18. Sprinkle it evenly throughout a blunt and smoke that whole thing by yourself. You'll be so stoned you won't want to move for five hours! haha
  19. isn't hash pretty good for knife hits? somebody tell me if i'm wrong idk
  20. have a black girl suck you off while you smoke it ;)

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