got some germ on.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by nauti_27, May 29, 2004.

  1. well i think i got the germination down but im just waiting on the sprout to sprout. i used the super thrive in water. i let the seed stay in there over night and it had a lot of seedling comming out. i was kinda woried but said what the hay lets do it. i did not take the rest of the seed off just cuz i didnt want to handle it. im tryin something a lil different than what ive heard im growing under a 60wtt plant light bulb(4"from the rim of the pot). i just want to know do u think this will work. and im bottom watering it also im havin it under the light till it sprouts then i will adjust accordingly.
    replies do's /dont's helpful thanx.
  2. wzzup,
    well its kinda of an experiment to get a technique down.
    i got the idea of the super thrive from grandpa's gro guide.
    i put about 1 drop to a cup of wit the lights im tryin the plant lite, so that wont work use flos? i have two seeds an this is this is the 1st one it has already broke through the seed pod an the tap root is already out and its potted. ?if i put the seedling in taproot sideways will it right itself or should i try to move it. i forgot to mention it.
  3. grandpas gro of general indo grow forum.
  4. kool thanx im goin to definitly look into getting some flos those bulbs do get dam hoottt.
    thanx again-when i start gettin pics ill post

    stay green!

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