Got some fluorescents, will they work?

Discussion in 'General' started by GrowQs, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. I got 8 32 watt working fluoros with fixtures, ballasts, and a whole stack of spare bulbs, for $16..
    I got them all to fit over a 4X4 area so that's 256 watts of fluoros covering a 4X4.. Is that enough?

    The only problem I see is that all the bulbs are 3500k and 4000k so they are sort of in the middle between what you would use to veg and what you would use to flower right?
    I only plan to use them to veg mothers and clones, do you think they will work?

    For darn near free I couldn't turn them down and if anything I'll put them in my shop if they are no good to make clones..

    Their are 14 more where they came from I can still get for $2.50 per 32 watt bulb, ballast, and fixture + more spare bulbs..
    Should I go get the rest of them? worth it?
  2. They will “work” somewhat for veg but are WAY under powered and have very little penetration. I wouldn’t personally spend anything on them for the purpose of growing cannabis.
  3. I could see it working OK for clones.....but for mothers, I dunno, seems a lil weak wattage wise....esp for that space. How far away do you have the lights?
  4. I used those kind of lights back in the dark ages (no pun intended) and while they will work better than nothing, if you're going to all the trouble of growing you'd be better off saving your money and getting proper lights.

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