got some deisel bagseeds....bout 200

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    well the other day i call my guy to pick up 2 oz's of his nyc deisel, he got his beans thru the breeder(soma i believe) and had baught 50 seeds and thru all 50 kept 1 with really nice traits.

    anyway to make a long story short i buy 2 oz's of this weed because its my fave weed to smoke, love the flavor. i go thru about 7 grams of it in a night and find about 50 nice ripe seeds. so my guess is i got atleast 200 seeds or more and they are really nice and ripe with tiger stripes and everything, so i do have high hopes for these seeds.

    from what i know these seeds are a result of a stressed plant that popped out some stress nanners, so im expecting that the seeds will be female but ill still keep a vigilante eye for males

    im just wondering what these seeds would be classified under? f1, f2...ect and how will they differ from the originall weed i baught?(will the plants grow somwhat the same or will they all grow differently)? what is the overall quality and value of these seeds in the breeding world?(not $$ value....breeding value, worthyness of the seeds.)

    any info at all would be greatly apreciated, thx
  2. i don't know exactly what they'd be classified as, but as they were seeds from a self pollinated hermie the seeds should be all female but they tend to have a higher rate of hermies from what ive seen people say online, but no first hand experience myself

    and id grow the hell out of them seeing as how you got them in your bag and they seem to come from some solid genetics (all except for the higher potential for hermies)
  3. They should produce good results provided they are given the proper ingredients to grow. Keep them in a dry, dark, cool placed to keep them viable as long as possible. Having some extra seed is a great way to make new a few of this for that, etc. and build up the arsenal so-to-speak!
  4. And unless I'm mistaken, seeds from a hermie won't automatically be female. If the pollen taken from the "bananas" is used to pollinate another female, those seeds should be femenized. Keep us posted as to the results....
  5. Honestly it depends. If the hermie was a result of strss, and not from an actual genetic trait, they could very well be female. That is how most places produce female seeds; they chemically induce a selected female to produce a small amount of male flowers to self pollinate. Not all breeders do this, but most of th emore commercial breeders do.

    Chances are good that will produce female plants, but will be more sensisitve to hermie. This can be back crossed out over time and using a very stable mother.
  6. less, what do i gotta do to get my hands on some of your secret genetics? I know you some some super killer make your head spin genetics hidden :)

    Thats a pretty dope find with the seeds. It would be awesome if the plant hermied from stress, and not genetics. Its well worth growing out to see the results either way.
  7. LOL...some might want to argue that. They are not hidden, just not out there in the retail market. I have been screwed in the past, so I am waiting it out to see if something changes in the laws, and then they will be available.

    I have grown NYCD, a few versions actually, and have never known it to possess any hermie traits. So I'm betting on a light leak or some form of stress caused the hermie, or it could have been just a few random male pods. It does not take much pollen to seed up a crop.
  8. Hi Joe,
    i asked the very same question a few weeks ago here...
    I didn't get many replys, but i'm on the same wavelength as yourself.
  9. well heres how it goes, i buy oz's from this guy , like 2-3 every 3 months, he gets it fro the guy who grew it.

    it has been my fav all time smoke, lovely taste with lime green buds.....mmmmmmmm

    this was the first time i ever got any seeds in this weed, and he has been growing it for atleast a year, so imo theres 2 options, light leak and pollenated his crop, or he had a male....but i doubt him having a male considering he had the mom for about a year and only got seeds me it sounds like he fukked his shit up with a light leak, but because i was not there i am going to treat these seeds like any other reg seeds, i dont wanna let my guard down and let a male pollenate my crop.

    on another note i have a pineapple punch male that i kept for its strong smell and early flowers showing
  10. If a grower is growing regular seeds, and he lets a male pollinate he's plants, especially if he knew there maybe a males amoungst the pack, he'd be as well giving up, do you not think lol?
    I doubt male pollen sacks grow and burst over night. I'm very sure they have to ripen first. Although, i've never gave them the chance to.

    Joe i think your seeds are female.
  11. they should be femmed seeds. A female pollinating itself should make another female because the male chromosomes didn't pollinate the female plant... now if the male pollinated the female, then its 50/50.

    to op, they should be femmed seeds of high quality.
  12. i figure either way it will be top quality, it was in the top weeds i ever smoked, so i got high hopes.

    i popped some seeds a few days ago, theyre on there second set of leaves inder t8 fluoro's....when im done this run ill throw them in my flowering room and see what gives.
  13. I would definately pay for a bunch of those seeds.
  14. well if there fem's from the first time they got pollenated then they would be S1 i believe...
    if they were crossed with a male nycd then you would have F1's ..
    might want to check with Less on this
    but i know my fem trainwreck's are S1 and a offspring from a male pheno of a strain breed with a female pheno of the same strain will be an F1..a hybrid of the two chosen pheno's with trait's from both P1's..

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