Got some baby oil on 4 cigs.

Discussion in 'General' started by g00dkUsh2, Sep 26, 2010.

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  1. are they ok to smoke? i dont have any right now. except for the ones that got baby oil spilled on them.
  2. Yeah you will be totally fine, do it and let us know how it goes
  3. lmfao. theyre not drenched . just a little spot on a couple of them
  4. A couple drops?
    Poured all over them??

    Honestly, it might suck, but I'd say throw that shit away.
  5. This question needed to be asked: How in the hell did that happen?
  6. Fuck that shit bro. Just go grab a fresh pack. Just wondering though... how did you get baby oil on them to begin with? Lol
  7. ok well my girl left me a couple because i was out. and it was in this make up bag of hers.
  8. this lol
  9. um probably not ok to smoke.

    But if you do make sure to post with results if you're not hospitalized :smoke:
  10. i would say its okay but thats just me. send em my way if you dont want em XD
  11. If yer gonna end up smoking them anyways, why are you asking? If yer concerned, buy more and pitch the others...
  12. is it on the wrapping? if so break em all open, take the tobacco and the filters, throw out the rest. Then you can hand roll a few using papers and the filter.
  13. i smoked them lmfao. they werent bad. and im not dead.

  14. i was gonna say this but w e its over

  15. Awesome. Note to the world: a little baby oil on a cig is not immediately life-threatening.

    Ah, the thrills of a little field research!
  16. yet....
  17. Ahahahahaha.
    I mean I knew you wouldnt die but you know that cant be healthy considering cigs are already bad enough. Glad to hear your ok though :D

  18. lmfao werd thanks. i smoked 3 of them im fine. :D.
  19. Out of curiosity what kind of cigs were they? If they were menthol I bet you didnt taste the oil at all.
  20. nah she smokes bitch cigarettes. marlboro lights.
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