Got so high today at buddy's 18th Birthday

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  1. Alright so one of my close buddies turned 18 on Sunday but decided to celebrate today because I had gone camping in the states. So the age limit to drink in Calgary Alberta is 18 and our other 18 year old buddies wanted to go to a bar and get straight smashed and decided that we should eat first but me and my friend whose birthday it is are pretty mad tokers and we convinced our alcoholic buddies ( only 2 of them are alcoholics the other 2 will drink and smoke sometimes but prefer smoking and our other buddy prefers to get high on life while me and my buddy who just turned 18 prefer to get really high on weed) lol we convinced our buddies to buy a half ounce of weed and proceeded to smoke with our magic-flight Vape, cool intake pipe and along with his blue bong we smoked so much weed and we ended up soo fucked like the I can't believe I smoked so much weed fucked up hahaha and of course we proceeded to a nearby McDonalds to quench our thirst and conquer the munchies LOL but while at McDonalds my friend ( let's call him zoof) tells us he's going to the washroom and ends up walking around the entire McDonalds when the washroom was right behind him hahaha omg this kid is so funny high LOL I should film him high and post it cuz he's so hilarious hahah by the end of the night we had gone to McDonalds twice, once to seven eleven and smoked about 12 grams of weed...Wass a good night :smoke:
  2. I read that whole thing without taking a breath
  3. Cool story yO

  4. Love your sig, Pink Floyd all day every day.

  5. idk why but i lol'd hard on this post lol
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    Haha yea I should remember to use periods next time.
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    Hell yes

  8. Wow, never even noticed your avatar. I was born and raised listening to Pink Floyd. Dad was a major stoner/junkie back in the day and classic rock was all he listened to when he was getting fucked up. He told me he used to shoot up and just drift away listening to Floyd. He still has all his cassettes, they could probably go for some good money now.
  9. Haha i bet they are. Pink Floyd are a part of everyone of my seshs or seshes lol
  10. Comfortably Numb, Time, Wish You Were Here, Learning To Fly are my favorites, they each have over 500 plays in my Itunes library.
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    Comf. Numb and Time are probably my favorite but they have done so much amazing stuff its hard to choose
  12. [ame=]‪Sorrow - Pink Floyd - Pulse - HD‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]


  13. wat

    Also since this is now a Pink Floyd thread


  14. Who is ChillinOnRoofs and what is his obsession with making posts and instantly deleting them?
  15. This is pissing me off I cant embed this video. How the fuck do you do this.
  16. Oh... lol

    Just post the link and it will automatically embed it for you.
  17. Just post link?
  18. I'm pretty sure that was at the exact same time lol
  19. I have the past 3 times I've tried...
    EDIT: Of course it works when people are watching...

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