got so high i talked to god???

Discussion in 'General' started by puffinallday, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. ok i know this sounds really weird and a lot of people make fun of me for it but i dont care i feel like i have to share this with you.

    well a few weeks ago me and a buddy were going up to michigan tech to go to there winter carnavle. naturaly i brought weed b/c its a 10 hour car ride up there. we stopped for the night in his cabin where i got straight messed up but nothing like the next morning.

    me and my friend wake up at around 8 and i finish the little pot i had left in my bowl from the night before. we started off him driving so i could smoke so as we got on the road i got around to getting my bong out and going through all the usual motions but just taking my time b/c we still had 5 hours in a car.

    well then i start ripping a bowl of kief right from my bong by myself b/c my friend does not smoke and im not the kinda person that pushes pot onto non smokers cuz that just makes all pot heads look like dicks. but any way i started to freak out a little bit b/c i am on probation and new i would have to be clean in less then 2 weeks and was like o shit im going to drop dirty so i try to put away my bong. well funny thing is that my bong water was purple gator aid cuz we didnt have water so when i tried to pour that out doing 70 miles per hour it just got all down the side of my car it was pritty funny actually.

    but getting on with the important part so as im sitting there and thinking i was thinking how i cant smoke any more cuz it will land me in jail and that pot is bad and shit and i was freaking out cuz like i have never thought about weed being bad when i got high before usually i just think how good it is.

    well then this voice comes in my head and says that pot is not bad as long as you can controle it and not let it controle you. and this made sence to me and i felt like alot of other stuff happened i just cat remember but it was really profound and i said how am i suposed to know this is for real? well something told me to open my eyes the first time in about 3 hours and on the back of some dirty ass pickup in the middle on the up of michigan is the word jesus written out of the dust on the window and i was like wow

    plz tell me im not that crazy
  2. It's not crazy, it's a coincidence. You just came to the realization every other stoner eventually comes to.
  3. Nice dog that would be fucking awesome to happen.
  4. If you actually and literally heard a voice, that could be an indication that you're suffering from one of several mental disorders.

    See a doctor and be honest when you talk to them.
  5. Sometimes different states of "highness" or intoxication on whatever given substance can mimick states of psychosis, schizophrenia, etc.

    I'm sure that if the voice was still talking to him, this thread wouldn't contain the text it does.
  6. haha. thats so funny.
    sometimes when i get high i feel like im talking to god and shit too but nothin that crazy has ever happened.
    have you ever heard the song lithium by nirvana?
    i think this is what that song is about!!

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