got so high i talked to god???

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  1. ok i know this sounds really weird and a lot of people make fun of me for it but i dont care i feel like i have to share this with you.

    well a few weeks ago me and a buddy were going up to michigan tech to go to there winter carnavle. naturaly i brought weed b/c its a 10 hour car ride up there. we stopped for the night in his cabin where i got straight messed up but nothing like the next morning.

    me and my friend wake up at around 8 and i finish the little pot i had left in my bowl from the night before. we started off him driving so i could smoke so as we got on the road i got around to getting my bong out and going through all the usual motions but just taking my time b/c we still had 5 hours in a car.

    well then i start ripping a bowl of kief right from my bong by myself b/c my friend does not smoke and im not the kinda person that pushes pot onto non smokers cuz that just makes all pot heads look like dicks. but any way i started to freak out a little bit b/c i am on probation and new i would have to be clean in less then 2 weeks and was like o shit im going to drop dirty so i try to put away my bong. well funny thing is that my bong water was purple gator aid cuz we didnt have water so when i tried to pour that out doing 70 miles per hour it just got all down the side of my car it was pritty funny actually.

    but getting on with the important part so as im sitting there and thinking i was thinking how i cant smoke any more cuz it will land me in jail and that pot is bad and shit and i was freaking out cuz like i have never thought about weed being bad when i got high before usually i just think how good it is.

    well then this voice comes in my head and says that pot is not bad as long as you can controle it and not let it controle you. and this made sence to me and i felt like alot of other stuff happened i just cat remember but it was really profound and i said how am i suposed to know this is for real? well something told me to open my eyes the first time in about 3 hours and on the back of some dirty ass pickup in the middle on the up of michigan is the word jesus written out of the dust on the window and i was like wow

    plz tell me im not that crazy
  2. im not a liar, but your not crazy. =P
  3. I got high and ate a bag of dorito's, my fingers are still orange.
  4. You smoked weed, you talked to god, you woke up looking at a jesus bumper sticker... Thats legit dude, I need to get my hands on some of that stuff cause I've got a few questions of my own for the Alpha and Omega...
  5. Cool dude, but why did you feel the need to post this here and the same exact thread in the general section a minute later?

  6. i didnt know if it posted and now i relized it did im new to the threads infact i just made my account like 30 mins ago
  7. Seems like a combination of two things:
    Conscience (Especially while high, I often talk to myself in my head)
  8. well today i woke up got my last pack bowl went to sit in my chair to toke and come on here. So i sit in the chair forgetting it broke last night i go down and lose most of my bowl i said "Why god" and to top it all off my buddy thats souposed to get me a qtr is no where to be found.

    why god?
  9. God is dead, we have killed him.
  10. That is awesome. Some times I ask God if weed was ment to help us or harm us and I havent got an answer yet. :( But I believe it was ment to help us because God made it so it must be good.
  11. i love putting kiefer in my reefer, though i haven't talked to god yet:rolleyes:
  12. Sht is crazy man, no such thing as coincidence.

    Anyways, also had an encounter. A few years ago, I was kicked out of my anger management class lol, because I was reading the bible, and being sarcastic with the teacher. Saying sht like, "why u got a problem with me reading the bible, you dont believe.., etc.."

    So Im sitting in the waiting room, and this guy appears, an old guy who I can still picture like it was yesterday. Started asking me questions and knowing I was lying, THEN flipped the script, and started telling me the answers! Ex- Whats my name? Where do I live? and he answers correctly. Im a little stunned, but I figure he is maybe another staff member who deals with troubled kids? So I ask him more personal questions. What I did that day? Questions about my family, and some really deep stuff. Everything is right, right, right.

    At this point Im flipping out to the point where I cant speak, and I hear the horn honk, my mother had arrived to pick me up. So I somehow manage to get up, and rush out, holding up a finger "the pointer" to him, trying to say Wait 1 second. We come in and he is gone. Teacher comes out, and is Upset, Mother throws a fit "You Got Kicked Out Again!" Im trying to be calm and tell them what just happened but no one believed me, nor do any other people even work there, or are family to the other kids.

    Long Story Short - No I was not on any drugs, or sleeping, etc etc etc Is it possibile to have hallucinations occuring out of the blue? Possible but was not the case, granted it was air conditioned, and I ate breakfast. I sometimes seem to forget about that day, but when Im faced with a bad choice, my mind always tells me to remember that day when I was visited.

    Thanks for taking the time, and remember Miracles are found in the strangest places :)
  13. Ive never had anything like that happen to me but goddamn. that's pretty cool.

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