Got so high I broke up with my girlfriend.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bazookatooth59, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Yeah, well the title says it all. I pretty much straight up told her I was done listening to her shit and her bitching and moaning all the time and i was tired of how clingly she was getting. It was intense. I went over to my buddies house to smoke like 3 bowls of Blue Dream. I was crispy :bongin: . I got home and she started blowing up my phone so she asked if she could bring me my shit. So i said yeah which ultimately resulted in me breaking up with her lol. I kinda hope i didnt fuck anything up. :hide:

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    yea,...oh yea dude...for real I hope you didnt fuck up anything. nothing worse than spilled weed
  3. thats cool i guess. as long as yo happy

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  4. Lol y'all broke up. How do you hope you didn't fuck anything up? The damage has been done. Sounds like you were tired of her shit and that's what caused you to tell her what the deal was, not the weed. Best of luck homie. Hope it all works out for you :) aka enjoy your freedom lol

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  5. Usually people chill out when they smoke....

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  6. smoking also helps reveal things to people. maybe ops girl really was a bitch and he didn't realize until he got really high and started thinking about shit from somewhere else. i like to think of it like getting reeaally high gives people a birds eye view on their life (most of the time) and they see whats good and what isnt. well at least thats my experience when getting super baked

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  7. Pretty fuckin much. I let her have it i was done having a leash around my neck so i...REVOLTED...and now im just chillin not having to constantly text a woman and get bitched at because i play too many video games
  8. well said haha i know exactly what you mean
  9. i once got so girlfriend that i broke up with my high
  10. Yeah op dont need that shit, puts to much stress on a person.


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  11. good dude, thats the way you gotta be when youre young. cool to see the weed inspired a positive life change lol
  12. 😮😮😮😮you gone don fuck shit up now boy best geta fixxing it (in a hick voice lol)
    fist bump, bruh.
  14. Yea I've dealt with the bitching for petty bullshit. These days if I get bitched at by a girl for something I enjoy doing I have no hesitation to kick them to the curb. Dealing with bullshit isn't worth my time right now.
  15. I did this exact thing once only i was high on things that grow outta cow shit. 
  16. hAHA nice OP thread title made me lmao

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