Got shot up last night

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  1. need some good vibes blades. Me and a few guys were rolling west down roosevelt just past california when we stop so my boy can tag some shit up. We chill out and light up outside my car while hes doin his thing and all of a sudden we hear them pops man and get this a fuckin pt cruiser speeds off (fuck i fim gonna get killed by some motherfuckers in a pt cruiser), and my one boy who's younger than us got it like right in the waste. We got his ass to the hospital and split cause we had a bunch of unmentionables but he got out this afternoon. That shits rough man
  2. Maybe you were in gang territory?
  3. for real, were you wearing a lot of one color? like red/blue. thats what gets people killed up here in north ca but all i can say is get some protection.

    hope your homies ok

  4. Sounds like some Gangland shit, but it's really not that hard to believe.

    You sound black, no offense, so if it were gang members, this is what it looks like to them. A group of black males, light up chillen, and one of their *****s start to tag up a spot.

    Doesn't seem like much to shoot over, but, it's not like if they shoot you'd be able to catch them or recognize them, so they really have nothing to worry about, so why not shoot?

    Sucks man, I've looked at the end of a barrel at pointblank just by trying to get some bud, got robbed, shit sucks.
  5. Well.. maybe dont do stupid shit like "tagging"
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  6. Was it this guy? I think hes the only male that drives a PT cruiser man, you might have got shot at by a girl.

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  7. you were taggin up somebody's territory..

  8. Dude you stole this from San Andreas :mad: gtfo troll
  9. Firstly, hope the guy does ok.

    2nd, you knew the risk.

    3rd, I've had a PT cruiser as a rental, yes they ugly as shit, but no one looks for a PT cruiser, I mean it's the least suspect of all vehicles. I could hitting a 3 foot bong at a red light next to a cop and he won't look.
  10. You probably strayed onto gang turf and got shot at for tagging in their territory.
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    You in Chicago? If you are, that's not a bad area but hey gangs are everywhere
  12. Don't spraypaint things in gang territory. That is how they mark their turf so if they see you spraying walls and they don't know you then they are going to shoot you. You guys must be a bunch of idiots.
  13. all this territory talk makes you realize how animal like gang members act. lol guess most of em are a little behind evolutionarily
  14. Lol I actually see more black guys than white guys driving pt cruisers

  15. I use to live in Roosevelt for most of my life. There where never gangs there this is a total shock to me. I'm glad to hear your friend is alright.
  16. shit's intense, next time look around because you should know if you're in the wrong neighborhood

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