Got shot down in the weirdest way....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sonow, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. So there has been this really cute girl I've been talking to who works in the mall so I always come to her store and say hey to her or something. So they other day I finally gather up the courage to ask her for her number to which she replies "Uhm... I'm married and have a kid". This is when I dropped my jaw and said "whaaaaaaaat?". She's REALLY young too like it completely blew my mind I was like what the fuck?
  2. I would have responded with, "what does that have to do with my question"
  3. i would of just stood there for a beat or two.

    and responded with, "what was that number again?"
  4. or my favorite:

    you respond: and i have a pet goldfish
    shes gonna say: wtf?, or what?
    you: oh, thought we were talking bout shit that didnt matter
  5. tell her its mind over matter. If she dont mind he dont matter.:D
  6. Thats fuckin good LOL. imma try that shit one day
  7. ^^ haha yes!

  8. Haha damn dude, if you didnt post that joke I was just about too.

    But idk man, I know a 15 year old that is married. :x
    There is some odd stuff going on in this world but ya just gotta deal:smoking:
  9. Did you not notice the ring on her ring finger?
  10. yeah it sucks man.

    So many chicks in my classes ive wanted to talk to but then noticed the ring.

  11. This is win. :hello:
  12. I always look for the ring on a girl im interested in. I hate when girls wear rings on that finger n they r not even married..:mad:

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