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Got shorted ,what to do?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BrendanTen, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. So I bought a half for 160 and I say to him "I trust that this is a half" then I go home put it on the scale and it reads 11.67 call him up says he doesn't know but he said he sold 3 today which were also called in as as short maybe it is his scale however I tried calling him back to see what we can do but he wont answer , what should I do?
  2. Either don't buy off him ever again or have him scale it in front of you from now on.
  3. Take a hammer and hit yourself in the head 50 times.
  4. Contact the police.

    JK just get a better dealer cause there'e nothing you can do. 
    Wait for that motherfucker to show his self in public and make him pay up. 3g's or two knees...his choice. Then bitch slap him and tell him to have your next 1/2 O measured out right.
  6. if youre the type that wants revenge, play it off like okay no problem i understand. hit him up for more in a few days and do as you will. otherwise let it go and never associate again.

    hes definitely lying though.
  7. Unleash the dogs of war!

    Seriously though, if he doesn't make it right, find another dealer and let others know he sells short bags.

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    I got what was suppose to be 2 grams today it had a Massachusetts medical marijuana sticker on it with the number 20 can anyone tell me what the number 20 means
    Was it 2g for $20? Is it 2.0 for 2.0g ?
    You wont get refunded etc knowing dealers so next time you buy say "i'll bring my scales 'cause you were saying yours were broken". Or trust the guy to get it right in the future if it was a one off out of many clean dealers.
    Or get a new contact.
  10. Tell him to give you the rest and if he does give it to you, then great. If not, move on to another dealer.
  11. ask for the amount he shorted, pick it up and don't pay his ass

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  12. this, have it weighed out in front of you. my guy was actually the opposite, they'd give you more than you asked for and if you asked to have it weighed out, they'd respond with "alright but anything over what you asked for I'm going to take back" so most ppl wouldn't question him, he'd usually do like 15-16 gs as a half, and if you asked him to weigh it out, cuz you didn't trust him, he'd take away the extra and only give you 14. If there's no trust then you didn't get the generosity. I saw that as fair. Find someone like that haha
  13. Lol it all adds up..he bought a half ounce, sold 3 g's of it (which were probably pinched grams), and sold you the remaining weed as a half ounce trusting you wouldn't weigh it. :laughing:
  14. Haha, caught red handed. 

    What a cumdumpster.
  15. What do you do?.......
    Make a thread whining about it on the internet of course. :D
    'Nuff said.
  17. If he ad kitted he sold 3 half's that were short he obviously realizes he made a mistake, maybe he will make it right. I would cut ties just yet.
  18. He told me hed make it right today
  19. lol I wasn't whining I was just asking for advice
  20. If he doesn't make it right don't go looking for revenge just find a new dealer. You never know who's strapped nowadays.

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