Got rolled on earlier today...

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  1. Fuckin earlier, We got a nick at lunch time at adult ed. We went up to this park right by the school to blaze down. Then walked to my boys house which is right by there. We still had about a small joint left outta this nick for later.

    I was gon go back to school and seen a couple of my homies walking up to the park so i turned around and walked with them there, We walked to my homies house.

    Then like 20 minutes later another homie jus drove by seens us and scooped the 4 of us up. My boy mike, Dennis, And alvin. Then joe picked us up outta no where.

    So we was lookin for some bud and no one was pickin up and most the dealers i got were up in adult ed at that time we skippin.

    So fucking went up to taco bell to see if dude up there gots the trees as he usually does and sells where he works.

    I threw down 8, My boy dennis threw 2, And my boy joe threw 10.

    My homie goes in there and hes not sellin.

    We said fuck it lets head down to rouge.

    Anyone familar with the detroit area knows about ecorse and river rouge. Rouge is a city right next to detroit and straight hood.

    We go down there and see a homie of ours from school walkin down the street. Holla at him to get some herb. Says meet him up around the block where he stays at.

    Go down there and park a few houses down n shit so we aient in front of his crib or nuttin.

    So fuckin we head down there, He aient had none at the crib and alvin jumps out and walks down the street while homeboy jumps in and we drive a few blocks over to his homies house to get the herb n shit.

    We go down there and he keeps bangin on the door and no one answers. Keep in mind we in the straight fucking projects out here.

    So fucking we go back to his crib and shit. We chillin out front a few houses away on the side of the road. So fucking he calls this dude, My homie mike gave him the loot and fucking he took off and was gon meet this dude up and come back. I know he'd come back fer sure.

    So fuckin we watin for like 10 minutes. 4 of us in there.

    Well what do we finally see, A fuckin K9 unit creep up behind us, We all see it and fucking get pissed. Sure shit stops behind us and flicks up. Fucking a.

    Mike got about a joint in his pocket, I had a small bag in my pocket too. Well he fucking walks up the ride and gets names an shit. Joe and Dennis had I.D., Me n mike aient.

    So fucking he turns around to go back to his ride both me n mike simutaneously reached in our pockets and threw our shit out the window with the stealthness. I was still slightley high from earlier an pissed. Joe got no insuarance n shit, Two bags of weed on the ground outside the car.

    While hes walkin back to his ride undo rolls up and blocks us in n shit and jump out. Made us all get out and shit. Me last.

    I get out and he says "eat some paint'. So i put my hands on the car an everything.

    They search me an everything an all of us and run our shit and everything.

    Didnt find jack shit. Tore his car apart. It was 2 dude cops and 1 hot ass female cop.

    Cop bein a dick sayin whatcha'll out here for in the projects. Mike said straight up to get a bag of weed and cop appreciated his honesty.

    So i got this big black dick head rouge crooked as fuck cop searching me. Grabbin on my dick and balls and all up on my ass an everything pissin me the fuck off.

    I had a notebook in my back pocket with a buncha weed residue on it an so lucky they aient take it out and look at it.

    Didnt find the weed on the ground.

    Searched all our records and we all came up with no warrents and clean no records they said which is bullshit. Becuase i been busted for B & E among a couple other things and mike got a long ass rap sheet. Dennis got some on his i know too. Joe clean tho but no insurance.

    They go off on us. Said 'yall fucked up, fucked up in school, go to a school for fuck ups and are a fuck up.' We made up some bullshit about who we were buyin off. My homie dennis said jus who ever we can find.

    Cop goes 'the first black dude walkin down the street?' Dennis said yeah. Cop got super pissed.

    They were dicks the whole fucking time jus pissin us off. Tellin us how he's leanin towards impounding the car and everything.

    And then after some more bitching he said he'll let us go. He better not see us back around because he dont want to be scrapin our bodys up off the ground or some bullshit like we aient from the hood bitch ***** of a cop.

    We get back in the ride.

    White cop comes back and asks dennis did i arrest you so and so night for assault and dennis said yeah. He said get the hell out of my hood.

    We booked out, Homeboy with our money seen police and ran the fuck out because he got warrents.

    Alvin walked down the street and watched it and went to this park. We took the IR and then turned around, Scooped up alvin with the quickness and got the hell outta there.

    Ended up going back to school, Had 10 on it. We walkin down the street and some dude drove by and asked if we needed herb.

    We said hell yeah, I reconized him from somewhere and he reconized me but we dont know each other.

    He went back tmo his crib got a ten and came back to where we at and sold us it.

    Was 2 fat joints of some killer weed. Real good shit.

    Smoked that shit and jus felt soo fucking good. Needed that high.

    All day been bumpin fuck the police.

    "Fuck the police, Fuckin with me because ima teenager, With a lil bit of gold and a pager, Searchin my car, Lookin for a product, Thinkin every nukka is sellin narcotic. Dont know if they fags or what, Searchin on a nukka and grabbin his nuts. Takin on the police, Will make my day, A nukka like me dont care ill say, FUCK THE POLICE.'
  2. Jeez man, you just can't catch a break with anything lately. All that bullshit stress, I'm hittin this bowl for you man.
  3. lucky they didnt find the weed and bust you man. nice fuckin story though.
  4. Well atleast you got away man..+rep for that.
  5. Jus one of those damn days..
  6. Im diggin ur stories just next time dont make em so damn long...
  7. I like the detail. Makes it more interesting. Anyways dude glad you got away, could have been worse.
  8. hell yeah man good story. Good thing you got outta there straight.
  9. :) damn man i cant believe they didnt see ditch the little sakc of weed you rwlly lucked out there man well all i can say is congrats on having a good ending to the story
  10. Im suprised after you JUST got caught by the cops you picked up from a completely random guy selling herb.. lol.. you got balls..
  11. wud up hoast havnt seen you forever
  12. smoking drugs is whats up
  13. nice to hear...samn here
  14. I needed to get high.

    Plus it was in a different city.
  15. Maybe I didn't catch it, but what was their probably cause for searching you? You just being the the ghetto?
  16. Pretty much.

    Even though we all from the ghetto. But only one of us from those projects.
  17. nice storyy, man they take shit seriously down there..

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