Got Rocked for being a 'Smartass'

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Zero Cool, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. So on the 15th this month, my mom found my bowl and went absolutely nuts (Check the forum "Got Caught By My Dad of a Cop" in the Real Life Stories section for more info on it.) So today I found out she did a number of things about it. First, she's making me go to a therapist that deals with 'Substance Abuse' and she hooked up some lab for me to go and get drug tested cuz she thinks I did other shit too, even though I didn't. So today I had my first drug test. While I was in the bathroom about to piss I got a super bad anger-attack (bud helps me deal with my depression/anger issues and now that I'm off of it I feel like shit) So i start punching the wall until I put a decent sized hole in it, then I took a shit and, using A LOT of toilet paper, I jammed the whole piece of shit into the cup I'm supposed to piss into. I bring it out to the douche bag 'scientist' and told him to shove it up his ass and walked out of the place and hopped into my car and drove home, abandoning my dad there. My mom had to drive to the place and get my dad. When they got home, I got quite the earful. Of course I wasn't paying attention cuz on my way home from the place I picked up a shit load of hash brownies from my friend as a sorry gift for getting caught and ate it all on my way home so by the time they got there I was tripping like I've never tripped off edibles before. I heard a lot of stuff that meant I was disrespectful and and a smartass shit, but all I really was paying attention to is how similar my mom and sister look. (never noticed it before) So now there's practically a war in my house and I've tried scouring all of my bank account for cash to get the hell out but unfortunately I have like $250 and that's reserved for gas money.:mad:
  2. nice move with the shit in a cup i hate taking drug tests they make me feel like ive done something wrong when theres nothing wrong with some green
  3. your parents seem like cunts no offense
  4. Man i feel you big time. My parents are real uptight about it too. I hope all goes well for you man. Peace bro

    Oh and try to stay wit a friend for awhile man
  5. I would have done the same thing bro
  6. think he will test the shit?:rolleyes:
  7. That sucks man, you shoulda jizzed on it too.
  8. That whole story made me laugh my ass off-- especially how much of a douchebag you were being (LOL!)!!! Cracked me the fuck up. Fuck that scientist.

    and a hole in the wall, wtf lol!?

    Props for a funny story.
  9. that is fucking hilarious.
  10. Thanks all who posted, and yea my dad's a cop and my mom's brother is in prison right now for coke so they're both extremely anti drug. And if I could get a boner with that smell in the room I would've, but unfortunately I wasn't feeling it, and I'm not smart enough to think about doing that. And my friends are all pretty big losers, no jobs and no intentions on getting a job and all of them but one still lives with their parents (We all basically turned 18 in the past 6 months) and the one who doesn't has no job and is a total slob so I wouldn't be able to put up living with him. Although I am trying to work something out where he pays for all of the bud and I pay for the utilities (he only has one tv, a computer, no AC or heat, and instead of lightbulbs he uses candles to save as much money as possible)
  11. Amen to you man. I seriously can't think why anyone would go that nuts over bud. I understand someone being upset and trying to talk about it or whatever, but THAT?! I hope ya get outta there soon man.
  12. That was pretty funny dude, especially shitting in the cup lol! Leaving your dad there though was kind of dick move IMO even if he is a cop. But then again it sounds like he was being a dick to you so tit for tat as they say.
  13. Haha.....1Scientist1Cup
  14. dude, that is the shit.. literally! that takes balls my friend.
  15. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
  16. im hallucinating idk y!!!!! im freakin out. sorry 4 hijack,im trippin balls,i took 2 concerta
    54 mgs.

  17. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......dude shitting in a cup and giving it to the scientist LOL
  18. Dude thats just so funny, I mean seriously you take a SHIT in the Piss cup? Your a rebel.
    I can just imagine you trying to aim your ass at the cup and missing and picking it up and putting it in the cup LOLZ!!
  19. Props bro.. I should have done that back in my days when I was testin.. But punching the wall can get you possible charges, but proving a point is priceless... I loved it. made me laugh... Cry.... I even went and shat in a cup just to feel empowered like you...

    Fuck it lets all change the world and shit in cups instead of pissing from now on.. POWER TOO THE PEOPLE. Rep + for originality. (piss out my ass!!!!!!!!!)
  20. Hah, not that i dont appreciate the look on the scientists face.

    But really, not taking the drug test and instead shitting in the cup and walking out makes you look guilty of other drugs.

    If i ever get caught i'm just gonna do the drug test, test positive for marijuana and do probation or whatever they give me. After all, i'm trying to have a future.

    <-------- in college getting a degree in science then gonna go to med school.

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