got robbed

Discussion in 'General' started by salters, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. ya last night. sucked ass. went out to the convenience store last night after getting completely stoned last night. I lit up what I had left of a roach before I walked to my car (mind you is across the street) 3 guys walked up and said 'give that to me' I was SO high, I just gave in; because I can't fight after getting COMPLETELY greened, but he took my iPod, 45$ in cash, my hoodie and what I had left of whatever bud I had. (bought a quarter at the beginning of the night, and only had about 3 or 4g's left. it wasn't a lot but it still sucks.

    what a great way to end off 2012, getting fuckin' robbed. :'(
  2. ...are you in the hood or what?
  3. That sucks bro. I dont blame you though if three dudes walked up on me I wouldnt fight either.
  4. Thats dirt :l
  5. What did they have a gun? Or...?

    You couldn't just leave? Were they that intimidating?
  6. Oh yeah I remember yo punk ass takin candy from a baby, thanks for the smoke homie Ahahahaha!
  7. [ame=]Friday : Debo Bicycle Scene - YouTube[/ame]
  8. At least you came out okay, all that shit is replaceable.
  9. Best way to handle it. You never know when someone is gonna pull a gun, and none of that shit is worth your life.
  10. catch em on the rebound Op :smoke:
  11. hope 2013 brings you only happiness and luck. You reacted the correct way OP. No need to be a hero over 60 dollars worth, that and u are completely high. remember their faces and catch them slipping in '13
  12. wow...did he take your virginity too lol
  13. ^This
  14. Dude you probably looked like easy pray, assert dominance my man.
  15. It's all fun & games until it happens to someone you love.
    God help the SOB that tries that at my house, again.

    Happy New Year, everyone:smoking:
  16. Sorry to hear, I wouldnt fight 3 guys over that Id do the same lol
  17. Honestly you handled it the right way. I just get too angry when someone tries that shit i just can't help but jumpin on em :laughing:
  18. Yes, I felt the need to quote this twice. This.
  19. Going back into the store or running away wasn't an option? Sorry to hear about it though.
  20. Things happen dude, happens to the best of us. But Karmas a bitch....

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