Got Robbed Today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SkinnyHD, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Luckily only a 10 sack that was left from my eighth but still it sucks. The dude was like 6 years older than me and huge no way I could take him I knew it. What happened was me and my bro were chilling in this smoke spot by my neighborhood but there's like no people around and its late at night. Im packing my pipe and we start smoking and about like 5 minutes in these 2 guys walk up on us and my bro says one of them is his older brothers friend, who wasnt the one who robbed me. Anyways I let the 2 guys get a few hits and start talking to them and my friend and the other guy started walking away to dip home and im chilling with the one who was going to rob me. He said to check out a pic of this girl hes going to fuck tonight and i was just like alright lets see how hot she is. and i look at his phone and im staring at this picture of a fucking alpaca :confused: so im lost like wtf is this guy showing me this for and he takes me down quick as hell i didnt even see it coming. So i hit the ground fucking hard and i lost my breath and he grabbed the sack out of my pocket and ran off. I just got up, bought another sack and went home lol

  2. Sucks but funny.

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  3. Ikr thats why im not that mad about it haha
  4. lol at the alpaca shit. that's hilarious
  5. I just lol'd so hard, you got tackled by an animal fucker
  6. Funny as shit, i gotta try that!
  7. Worldstarrr
  8. Lmao to funny. Atleast he didn't seriously hurt you and it was just some leftover shake.

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  9. Did your friend set you up? Funny story though at least your ok, and you got more bud
  10. why the fuck did it have to be an alpaca damn
  11. So he took u down and fondled you for a tenner lmao! Almost like the time someone pointed a gun at me for a 20 sack
  12. new move on the street. Llama robba 
  13. Lol Kinky Kelly and the stud

  14. Almost
  15. all for a fucking dime? that's ridiculous
    dude must've been poor as fuck

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