got robbed by "friend"

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  1. ok so today me and my friend was ganna throw down for a half and buy from this friend of ours ive known him for like 2 years ive bought off him before and never has ripped me of or anythink, well today we met nere this gas station and we talked and he saids hes gatta go down the street a little to go pick it up the weed and he'll be right back oh and i let him use my bicycle to make things quicke,r i hand him 90 buck ,(i know i should never front money but this friend "i thought he wasnt a thieve or anything) we'll he goes and i wait there for like 1 and half hours waiting for him to get back i send him like 30 texts never comes back so i just went home , i know i could prevented it by not fronting him money , but i know were he lives but he still lives at his aunt n uncles place , hes bbigger than me he could kick my ass but how should i go about getting him back?
  2. Forget about it, learn your life lesson and move on. Trust.
  3. I did basically the same thing bit with $300, I never did anything but text and call the guy a lot. I'm just gonna live and learn till I see him face to face again. That's the only time ill do anything about it. I'm not gona stress and freak out ill just set it aside till we meet again.
  4. Lol this isn't a robbery robberies involve force this was you giving your money away.
  5. If the dude doesn't know where YOU live I say go to his place and if he's hiding the fact that he smokes to his aunt and uncle then ring the doorbell and be like, "Hi your nephew smokes marijuana, I just wanted to let you know that." then walk away. idk just an idea to at least fuck up his life if you can.
  6. Lol homie took yo bike too, U gotta fuck him up.
  7. There's really only one thing to do.

    You gotta challenge him to a poke-battle.

    May the biggest loser win.
  8. Thats the way she goes buddy. The fucking way she goes
  9. Tell your teacher
  10. I'm sorry, I think that's hilarious. He took your money AND your bike.

    You'll know better next time, I hope.
  11. Now you know better. Like every one else said. When the cash changes hands, so does the weed.

    Other than one of my best friends, or close family member, I would never hand over my money if I wasn't getting the product right there
  12. Moral of the story? Only buy weed using PayPal. Buyers protection plan haha
  13. Sucks man, live and learn....

    Maybe try reporting your bike stolen, as a start:confused_2:

    That is, if you can do that :smoke:
  14. Don't ever front money.

    You'll know this for next time.
  15. Throw a brick through his window if he doesnt know where you live
  16. I got robbed by a sweet old blind lady on a motorized cart! lol that sucks dude cant trust anyone.

  17. Yeah do this, if you are 12 years old.
  18. Dude c'mon she was already in her getaway car(t).
  19. call the police and say "hey, this fool never came back with my weed wtf man!"

    it works everytime..........

    try kick his ass out the front of his place, win or lose make alota noise about him robbing you of weed, WEED shout WEED and point at the house! lol

    or just let it go man you got rolled.

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