Got robbed at gunpoint last night

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  1. Haha so im coming from the club at around 3:30 am last night, the neighbourhood this club is around is pretty much student heaven due to there being a top university nearby, i swear i see the hottest women everyday here, anyways so im walking back to my place which is about 30 minutes away, feeling good when i meet a colored guy along the road (South African colored) who joined my street and caught up with me and asked for a light so i gave him, we started walking and talking, turns out he smokes too so i said i got stash at home and we could smoke some of that.

    So we get to my place and I pick up the stash and paper and we go to the park to roll cos its on his way home, this guy's name is Clint, he offers to roll so i give him the weed and he rolls a nice cone, we light up the spliff and walk along the park, talking, its about 4:20am now, we chill for a bit and light another blunt, halfway through it Clint says he has to bounce and thanks me for the weed, im like cool man no prob, he then turns around and pulls something from his belt and then the conversation goes like this;

    'Sorry to do to do this to you Paulo' pulls out a gun and points it at my head while he steps backwards and stands 3 metres away.

    I'm thinking 'lol im getting robbed by this guy now', smiling, I was surprisingly calm haha, more amused than scared for some reason cos i just spent half an hour goofed with this guy, he did not look like a convincing criminal and throughout our conversation before he was just agreeing and laughing at everything i was saying, It might also do with the fact that I've heard the sound of metal before and that did not sound like metal when he cocked it.

    Anyways i take two puffs of the j and he tells me to take out my phone, i just look at him and he gets impatient and says hes gonna shoot me and stuff pointing the gun to my face, so im like 'Clint, dude, are you serious? what the fuck are you doing?' ...silent... 'calm down, take it easy, you want all these people to see you shooting someone?' pointing to the houses nearby, this made him lower the gun to his hip, so im like 'look we still got joint man' this made him point the gun slowly up again, so im thinking fuck, im not gonna lose my phone, nor my life. He shouts at me telling me to take out my phone and my wallet so I say 'ok, relax, easy on the gun im taking it out now' i pull my phone out slowly......... and then i ran. screaming like a bitch too

    He ran after me but im pretty fit so i beat him, after about a 30 meter gap i looked back and noticed he had stopped chasing me so i turned around jogging backwards and swore his granny.

    Lol thats how it went down haha, i aint chuck norris bitch and even if it was a pellot gun that he had im glad i didnt stick around to find out it wasnt.
  2. filthy fucking crackheads
  3. wow i would have definately gave a guy with a gun at my head whatever earthly possessions i had that he desired you got sum BALLS
  4. lol damn crackheads wtf was that shit.

    he just randomly tries to rob you after all that shit. should have ran at him and raped him anally and then when he was crying just look him in the eyes and say, you did this clint, you did this.

  5. Fuck you Clint!!!
  6. so you didnt get robbed?
  7. Damn, that's some shit, I would have given him my stuff too lol. What kind of gun-wielding robber is called Clint anyway.
  8. did you scream like a broad or like a school girl mc puss I would of tried to get his gun for my collection
  9. shoulda punch and run haha
  10. He'll get his for sure
  11. a gun pointed straight at your face is scary i wont lie, if youre looking at it that is. I tried not to pay attention to it and just concentrated on the human behind it i guess thats what made me less scared lol
  12. Lol dude you handled that like a boss hahaha
  13. I like how your first words are "haha"
  14. Better than my reaction. I was shot at by random thugs (probably wasn't meant for me), first thing my body did was cling behind a tree once I heard the pops and whizzes.
  15. holy shit man..i love that youre laughing about it ha
  16. clint got you too? that motherfucker i kicked him straight in the teeth when he pulled that bullshit on me.
  17. Inviting random people back to your place at 330am? WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?
  18. What a fucking dumbass. He could've robbed you at your house. Instead he waits for the big score....whatever you happy to have in your pockets...
  19. maybe its cuz you called him colored
  20. he never returned my weed after he rolled thouh and that was some new high i got for R500 (about $50) oh well, i live on :p

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