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got ripped off?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toketillyachoke, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. i probaly got ripped on by one of my good friends this week i bought a 8th of nuggs that made me choke on one puf whitch never happens but the 8th looked like a diem so i think he sold me a dime of nuggs for 50 dollars witch is nust but who knows the buds mite make up for it
  2. 50$ for a dime? hahah that doesnt add up... but anyways, maybe its real dense buds... maybe its really good chron, or both?

    if you think it was worth it, then it was worth it ;)
  3. get a scale man. they pay off in the long run
  4. shit you cant tell if it weights right or what? i can tell if an 8th is straight

  5. yeah... if you can't tell by looking at it if it's an eigth... definately get a scale :)
  6. what are you calling a dime? A dime is $10 worth of pot.

    And you can get cheqp little hanging scales at tobacco stores and gas stations.
  7. get a scale.
    ive seen sacks that dont look anything like an eigth or quarter, but they were.

  8. dime baggies are pretty big... you could probably stuff close to an eigth into one (if the nugs are dense enough).... lol, but that's a long shot.

    i'd have to say you got ripped... sorry man :(
  9. oh... that sucks.

    but that's nothing.

    my friend was coming to visit me at college.

    he was waiting at the bus station for his bus to get there, when this jamaican guy came and sat next to him.

    they started talking, and eventually, the talk turned to weed.

    the jamaican dude told my friend he had some purple haze in his bag, and he'd sell him an eighth for $40.

    my friend jumped on the deal.

    the jamaican guy told him he was going to take his bag to the bathroom, roll the weed in a paper towel, and roll that in a magazine and give my friend the magazine.

    he came back a minute later with the magazine, my friend gave him $40.

    he got to my place, we unwrapped the magazine, unwrapped the paper towel...


    my friend payed $40 for a rolled up paper towel and a crappy magazine.

    i bet that guy wasn't even jamaican.

    -the Infrequent Ninja
  10. i don't know...

    they were in a crowded bus station, so the magazine idea must've seemed reasonable to my friend, who did not want to get busted.

    i don't know why he didn't go with the guy to the bathroom.

    i don't know why he didn't unroll it in the corner before forking over the money.


    lousy scam artist... ripping off a poor, fiending college student...

    -the Infrequent Ninja
  11. Go to Office Max or Office Depot and get a finger scale for 2$....from my experience though, it doesnt work well with weighing small amounts, but if you're weighing ounces, 1/2 ounces, etc. it works well.
  12. Getting ripped off is never fun. Someone needs to teach some of these greedy fuckers a lesson.
  13. A dealer should always weigh out what they sell you, if you don't think you're getting enough don't buy it.

  14. i think you got that backwards...

    those little guys work well for anything under a 1/2 oz....

    and are not so right on with the bigger bags

    hang a nickle from it ....this should always be 5 grams

    i know the little scale is right for small shit and off on the big cuz ive tested a few of them (includeing my own .)against my triple beam...

  15. dude ...if someone is going to sell you weed in the strret or a bus station...they are going to show it to you ...they are not affraid or they would have a safer job...

    your friend...sorry to sat it what theyt deserved...the world is an unkind place and it is filled with those who would trick or decieve you for there own gain...always be warry of these people for they surround you

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