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Got ripped off bad need advice

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Up'In'Smoke, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Hi fellow tokers,
    So tonight I went to meet up with my dealer and it was late at night and snowing (Canada). He jumped out the truck hands me a huge ball of aluminum telling me there's weed in it and so I give him the money.
    When I get home I open it only to find that there's no weed in it. I know I was a dumbass to give him 50 bucks but he's been super reliable for the past month with great deals so I guess I trusted him and due to a recently bad encounter with the law I didn't want to risk opening it up in public. My question for you is I have his phone number and his name and everything so should I call the police and make like an anonymous tip? I texted him and he was pretty cocky quote "yea I robbed you bitch" I just want to make sure there would be no repercussions on my behalf. He threatened to go to my college and tell the dean of students about be buying weed. 6th year of medical school and don't want to risk anything. 

  2. Leave a tip off of someone elses phone/payphone. No mercy for dishonest people, the whole "don't be a rat" doesn't apply to scumbags.
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  3. ..there is nothing you can do.. shitty dealers like this rob people because they don't money any money selling weed because they have a shitty customer base. They have a shitty customer base because nobody wants to hit up a douchebag who shorts/robs them
    What goes around comes around, people like him don't stay in business long
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  4. its 50 bucks man, move on with your life. be happy you walked out of there with your shoes 
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  5. I recently had 20 bucks stolen from me so I feel your pain right now. Though I'm not sure you'd be able to tip off the police without them questioning you. Even if you could it wouldn't really be worth the 50 bucks. You might just have to let it go like I had to. I was so pissed off because I trusted the guy and was shocked that he did it to me

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  6. Well that must be embarrassing.
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  7. id do one of the following

    1) borrow a buddys phone and link up with him and get him face to face and teach him a lesson on being a bitch

    2) be a complete douche and call some crime stoppers and say that some guy is selling your little brother cousin friend what ever makes it sound therious drugs and if they don't do something your going to go all vigilante on his ass if you find him first lol

    me id go for number 1... id recc number 1 to just since he decided to get all cocky about it


    you can be your regular pothead loser guy and take ur loss and learn to check shit before you walk off with it lol

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  8. I was thinking of beating the shit out of him except 1) I have no idea where he lives and probably will never see him again.
    2) I'm trying to get away from the life I lived in france where I basically got myself into so much shit from fighting.
    3) Canada has super strict penalty's for assault (my cousin is a correctional officer and she says most people there get about 6 months in prison for harmless bar fights.
    I think ill let it go and hope ill be able to control my anger if i ever see him again.
  9. but you has his number and name get someone else to link up wiff him and make a meet and then show up or whatever haha

    your officer cousin isn't really right iv had 5/5 assault charges dropped because i didn't make the first move and got away with self defence you just need to make sure you don't get carried away lol
    bar fights be different cause your under the influence your disturbing peace blah blah but defending urself from the mean drug dealer trying to rob you =o

    but it was only 50$ prob best to let it slide lmao karams a bitch man and everyone gets it back one day

  10. Damn yo this is pathetic on behalf of both parties.
    Prohibition at it's finest here folks!
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  11. scumbags dont deserve the same respect as everyone else
    leave an anonymous tip 
  12. This is why weed needs to be legal. A weed store won't rip you off and it's always a 100% guarantee you can get it whenever you want. No associating with shady ass thieves, no trying to find a spot to meet up at a certain time, no worrying about getting arrested. This is how smoking marijuana should always be

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  13. personally I would fuck this guy up but snitching on him does seem like a pretty funny idea

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  14. Op you are in your 6th yr of Med school and you are asking us what to do?
    remind me not to ever visit your office when and if you become a doctor
    Just saying
    50 bucks get over it and move on,
    Maybe focus on becoming a Doctor 1st
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  15. He posted this in 2014
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  16. LOL
    I wonder if he made it
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  17. Twenty fourteen
  18. 6th grade med school be like
  19. Try 2017 bro, it was already bumped

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