Got Really Sick from Percs Today

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by TLF1088, May 29, 2009.

  1. I have no idea why. They were only 512's, snorted one and popped another one.

    I don't do them a lot, maybe once or twice a month. I actually hadn't taken any in about two months. In the past I've popped 3 at a time and never gotten sick. I felt great for about 20 minutes, then I couldn't even stand up without feeling incredibly nauseous. If I laid on my back though I felt fine. After about two hours I puked for a good 5 minutes straight. Felt a lot better for about 10 minutes before feeling sick again and then I started throwing up again everywhere. After that I went to sleep for like 5 hours. I feel ok now, still a little woozy though.

    What could have caused me to be so sick this time? I was drinking last night and was a little hungover this morning, I wonder if that could have been it?
  2. If you snorted all that APAP on an empty stomach, and hungover, that might have done it.
  3. Yeah man. There is a very high ratio of APAP to oxy in percs. Its best just to chew them.
  4. i think your algeric, send the rest to me ;)

    nah i agree with majorstoner.

  5. Yeah I know it's a bad idea to snort them, I was just looking for it to hit me fast. And I sort of have a fetish for snorting drugs lol.

    Definitely wasn't thinking straight this morning when I took them.....drank a good 180oz of beer last night.....ate an entire bag of nachos and a 15oz nacho cheese.....then didn't eat this morning or drink any water, just a soda.
  6. Yeah definitely had to be the drinking the night before and I was probably extremely dehydrated in the morning. I just popped one and blew two a couple hours ago and I'm not feeling the least bit sick.
  7. ya i took some PK's one morning when i was real hung over...i was feelin amazing for about 30 minutes then i started to feel sick. next thing i knew i was throwing up, and that lasted for about 5 was so shitty
  8. Opiates always do this to me, I still have between 7-10 MG's of oxy from like a week and a half ago sitting on my tray, broken up, ready to be snorted but I probably won't do it because it makes me feel so fucking SICK. I didn't throw up I just felt like I had to for like 18 hours. :eek:
  9. ya i wrote a thread in here about a week ago i got HELLA sick from 15mg oxy had no clue why.

  10. Yeah, it's why I rarely do opiates. Usually in the in-between period I tend to forget exactly how sick they make me.

    It's a trade off. Half an hour to an hour of feeling amazing for 5 or more hours of feeling like absolute shit.

    It's why I prefer amphetamines. I've never gotten sick of them. They just seem to work with my body better, and my personality. I'm a shy and reserved kind of guy, so obviously I prefer drugs that make me the opposite of my everyday persona.
  11. Snorting APAP really isn't the greatest idea in the world, sorry to say. At least extract the oxy, evaporate the water, and then snort the powder.
  12. NEVER snort apap

    hella bad for u
  13. adderal and amphetamines make me sick but opiates work out great for me, some people have adverse reactions.

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