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Got raped by a ghost?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Marijuana Malice, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Sorry but someone beat u to that joke :/
  2. It might come back to put it in your ass
  3. shit lol you're right
  4. Don't jinx it :/

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  5. I wonder if a ghost nuts in your mouth if it just feels like dust off upside down, a nice cold shock of air.
  6. Maybe that's what cottonmouth is. Ghosts taking advantage of us while we're high. Idk hopefully we'll find out.
  7. Hey, I got a producer that wants to hear your story and make an adaptation. 
    You interested? 
    - Komatic
  8. Who is that for lol? OP?

    forever i live

  9. hahahahahahahahaha
  10. OP was disappointing.
    The other posts are what make this thread.
  11. Didn't happen again today, im still scared for my virginity

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  12. You need to fuck that ghost back, OP.
    Just pull out your dick in completely random situations and just start fucking the shit out of the air.
    Don't worry, people will understand, just tell 'em you got raped by a ghost this one time and you need to get it back.
    For example, if you're buying munchies at the store:
    *unzipping noise*
    Child: Mummy, what's that guy doing?
    Mummy:I.....I don't know, dear.
    Jeremy(Your name is now Jeremy): *Now naked, vigorously humping the air* Yeah, take that! And that! You want it, don't you, you dirty little slut ghost!
    Mummy: Oh, dear, don't worry. He's just ripping some ghost a new one. One day you'll do the same son. You just better hope you have a bigger dick than that guy. How pathetic.
  13. Sounds like you need a......Sexorcism!

    I think we all have that special whore somewhere in our lives.

  15. Youve got a knack for sketch comedy, lets make a show

    forever i live

  16. I know whats going on here... I watched a documentary about this type of weird shit. 

  17. oh fesho i c u dunnit knew how to even spell ouija board and yet homeboy u finna talk like you know jack shit about nothin
  18. is that why i wake up with cum stains everywhere?

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