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  1. today I skated down the street to smoke a blunt. it was pretty earlier afternoon and that blunt got me higher than anticipated. so I'm skatin back to my house pretty high when I see lights behind me and a cop car slowing up next to me. it's not a busy road so he just stopped right next to me in the middle of the street. the cop wasn't in any uniform so I figured he was some undercover guy or something. so now I'm just standing there a little dazed and nervous cuz I still had some blunt wraps and an 1/8 in my backpack. he said he stopped me because I didn't have a helmet on (?) and apparently that's illegal in nj. he also said he smelled marijuana but but he never searched me. so he hands me this ticket thing for 100 bucks and I'm thinkin wtf is this. so I'm just like ok sorry won't happen again bla bla bla. when I got home I fell asleep for like three hours and woke up totally forgot about the ticket until I reached in my pocket. my high was virtually gone so now I was just staring at the thing he gave me and thinking how the fuck did this happen? it wasn't even a ticket it was a peice of paper that said "not wearing a helmet and possible possession of marijuana-100$ fine call 908 ******* for questions. so I call up and some guy answers and I asked him about the ticket and why it looks so non-legit and he just starts laughing and explains that he bought an old undercover cop car with working lights and sirens and when he gets high he likes to drive and give people fake tickets. I thought that was hilarious but I warned him that if someone called the actual cops on him he would get fucked over. hes just like yea whatever man. so we kept talking and it turns out me and him were in the same graduating class and he invited me to go on "patrol" with him sometime. I was like hell yea man. turns out its legit. I was a little sketched this guy actually was an undercover cop but he wasn't I think I actually blazed with him a while back. so yea sorry for the long read just thought I'd put this out there.
  2. Trust me you do not wanna go down for impersonating an officer.
  3. get that shit on youtube man... please!
  4. hahahhha thats hilarious
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    haha ill videotape when I go with him tomorrow
  6. never say youre a police officer. just pull people over and act blike a cop and they will assume you are. that way you can always just say i wasnt impersonating a cop. i was just talking to them, not my fault they thought i was a cop hahaha probably wouldnt work but itd be funny
  7. That's awesome man, pretty funny. Did he look high when he pulled you over?
  8. As if cops weren't bad enough, now we have got civilians posing as cops to worry about? Btw, I hope your new friend enjoys the cack, cause once he gets caught up...that's all the action he'll be gettin.
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    well I was high so I don't really remember but I do remember him being really chill
  10. Lmao he's gonna roll up in the wrong hood one day and get capped
  11. Illegal but funny as fuck!
  12. Dude that first day getting pulled over on your skateboard would be major buzzkill.
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    Why should we trust you ?
  14. hahaha this shit reminds me bum fights 2
  15. my buddy has a car that he bought from a police auction, has a working spotlight (also a crown vic) so we used to fuck with people all the time, not too mention if we both put on aviators and just really fucked with people (super troopers style)
  16. This reminds me of something me and my friend used to do.

    He used to drive a Pontiac Grand Prix, it was green and looked nothing like a cop car. We ended up getting a CB radio + PA system installed in it, and it looked funny as fuck with the big ass antenna sticking off the back.

    Anyways, I have this app on my iPod that plays sirens and shit, so we decided to fuck with these kids that had parked in a school parking lot. We turned in and turned the brights on them while playing a cop siren through the PA. My friend ordered them to put their hands in the air. They stood there, confused, and he yelled..."PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM AND WALK TOWARDS ME"

    The kids started walking towards us, and my friend yelled "STOP. LAY DOWN ON THE GROUND. NOW."

    They lay down (I suppose I'll mention this now, there were three of them, all dudes) and my friend drives up next to them. He starts laughing and is like awww we're just fuckin' with you guys.

    It was pretty funny.
  17. wait a minute... I just realized somthing..

    Aren't you the infamous 'Oregano Faggot'??

    Haha good times on gc

  18. do explain?

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