Got pulled over.

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  1. First off, I rolled a "marawette" which is what me and my friends call this device down here. I'm sure others have made these, but tonight I was feeling extra stealthy so I cut a small piece off the end of the old filter. I tossed it in to cover the roach then put the "marawette" in normally. Its good stuff. The story summary is at the bottom in blue.

    More story of copper action. First off, I pull up to a stop light, music wasn't on loud or anything. I accelerated just normally ya know, nothing hardcore, but I was quicker than the cop only because he already planned to pull me over before we began to move. Anyways I'm taking off and sure enough his lights flipped on. I pulled into an empty parking lot, shut off my radio, and put my cigarette out. He turned on his big spotlight and shined it in my face like a nice guy. I rolled down the window, and he comes over and shines the light on my eyes. "Did you have your seatbelt on, because it didn't look like it." before I have time to respond, "How much have you had to drink tonight?" I reply, "I had my seatbelt on, I always do, and I haven't been drinking anything." He then gets my license and registration and looks around my car a bit with his flashlight.

    He then has me get out of the car, and assures me that I didn't have my seatbelt on, or it was behind my shoulder, which it wasn't. So then he has me do all of his sobriety tests, after I do them wonderfully because I'M WASN'T DRINKING, so anyways he tells me to get in the back of the car, and asks me, "Can I look around the car.?" I think to myself... hmm that "marawette" needs testing, but I don't know... I was then thinking hmm its weird if I say no, but if I say yes he might find something? I went with yes and he went and searched my car.

    He comes back and asks me about the guns in the back seat which were airsoft guns we purchased to shoot my friend in a drive by, which worked great by the way. He was driving home from school and we rolled up and shot him. Anyways, I told him they were airsoft guns, like paintball without the paint, only more gay. Without saying gay. Anyways, he said I shouldn't have them in my car, which is whatever because thats whatever.

    Anyways long story short, cop pulled me over for no reason, said I had no seat belt. Then accused me of drinking and using drugs. Then searched my car, looked through my packs of cigarettes and didn't find the "marawette" that I so luckily decided to ultra stealth tonight with that cotton. Also, first time being pulled over, high, with weed in the car, good first time. Not everybody can say their first time was great, sometimes its bad and you get a disease. Anyways, I have this "Marawette" still and good munchies so mmm.

    PS: Not sure if I mentioned it, but all I got was a warning about the tripple pine scented car airfreshener hanging from my mirror... uhh its to make it so you piggies can't smell the weed I'm smoking, see it worked. ;)

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  2. does it say sharp object on the citation?
  3. "suspicious" because of the fucking 3x air fresheners on my mirror. :D
  4. hm...did you give him an explanation for the triple air fresheners? you can prob get it dropped by showing up to court and be like 'i got this citation for having 3 air fresheners. there was a REALLY foul smell in my car and I was using AIR FRESHENERS to FRESHEN THE AIR.'
  5. no no no man, theres nothing to do with court or anything, it was only a warning to remove it :) He wanted to stick me with drinking and driving so bad though, I could tell.
  6. Where im from it's illegal to have something dangling from your mirror. That would of costed me 125 bucks probably.
  7. ah well then. continue on continuing on.
  8. Last time I said that to a cop I got arrested for a DUI.

  9. :p I was typing, "I'm not even drinking", must not have erased enough huh?
  10. My favorite part is how you always put marawette in quotes. like "marawette":wave::laughing::D
  11. Nice story, and you were lucky.
    Once, I got pulled over after a party. I ate some E there, and after 5-6 hours went back home. My mind was completely sober, my eyes weren't. They tested my pee, and I had to pay about 1400 dollars + I was banned from driving for 8 months.
    Don't do such mistakes!
  12. wtf is a "marawette" ive never heard that word in my life, i googled it, and the first thing to come up was this thread XD.
  13. A cigarette hollowed out with a crutch where the filter goes, and stuffed with marijuana instead of tobacco. Stealth joint basically, but we call it a marawette because its a combination between a cigarette and mariju(maraw)ana.
  14. Great idea, stealthy at its finest! Last year i got pulled over, i smoked muc earlier, was stilll a bit buzzed but nothing bad. Had nothing on me though, and so i see lights in the back, cop said i did not use my signal and was driving fast, which is total bullshit, as i was driving fine... He walks up to my window, and says you were driving rather strange, first thing i say, ive not been drinking on nothing, your welcome to test me... Cop talks, comments on my texas plates tag for a random reason... some fact... And he then says ok, im going to let you off with a warning, drive a bit safer please... In my head i was like wow, maybe when ever i get pulled over i should just say that shit regardless... Ether way i drive only high, never drunk or even if ive had any liquor!
  15. I got pulled over in Feb for speeding ($400 fine plus I had to re-take my driving test). It was lunch time and I decided to go to a little park to smoke a joint. I had the joint sitting in the little thing by where the gear shifter is, in plain view. I didn't even remember I had it there until after he went to write up the ticket! Got lucky on that one, because I had probably 10gs in my purse. :D
  16. this kind of reminds me of what happened to my friend just a couple weeks ago. He got pulled over for "not having a seatbelt on" even though he did. He didn't have his id on him cause well he's illegal(brought here when he was 2) but he did have his insurance. After my friend assured him that he did have his seatbelt on the cop said "oh i must have not been able to see it from where I was" and then he says after a couple minutes "i'm writing you a ticket for no seatbelt" my friend had bills coming up and was wondering how much he would have to work to pay for it so he asked the cop. So the cop says "if you're so concerned with that ticket then i guess i'll give it to you" (i can't remember exactly what he said) so basically he gave him a ticket for no seatbelt and no id. sucked for my friend.

    congrats on getting out with no ticket, man. even though you didn't do anything.
  17. shit dude a while back me and a car full of friends decided to take a burn cruise around the veterans cemetery my grandmother is buried at. i had about a 1/4 oz sitting under the emergency break handle and a fat joint in my lips when i was about to light it up and look back in the mirror and there is a cop following me so i tossed the joint under my seat and pulled over. he asked why i pulled over and i was like im here to visit my grandmothers grave. he asked where the flowers were and i said im poor im here to make sure her grave stone is taken care of. i kind of forgot about the pot until i he started questioning people in the back seat so all i could think of doing was putting my pack of cigarettes over it so he doesnt notice.

    after about half an hour of him running our ID's and questioning me and my passenger he lets us go. he didnt find anything and we finished our smoking.

    im thinking he let us off because one of the girls in the back seat was a senators daughter and the other was one of the local police chiefs daughter.
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    Oh no, not Ole Smoky. :(

    Ohh wait, he gave you a warning :) Luck b****
  19. haha i did that when I turned 18 but we called em trickeretts.

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