Got pulled over today.

Discussion in 'General' started by Sir Tokes Alot, May 2, 2009.

  1. Firstly I would like to say that if this doesnt make sense its because I had 10 beers and am drunk as shit but earlier today I didn't wear my seatbelt and I passed a cop. It was a lady cop and she pulled me over. I was nice ot her she was nice to me. I talked polite and she gave me warning. Politenness is key. If you scratch po's back they sctratfch yours lol. but I was scared as shit but my ride didnt smell like weed so i was Strait.
  2. I just got lucky with this one I guess but i admiited right away that I was in the wrong and I think lady cop respected that. She was semi good lookin Overall I would tap it.
  3. You got lucky dawg.

    Let me give one example i remeber, Maybe 5 years ago in a suburb about 15 minutes south of Detroit. A lone officer pulled a guy over, Normal traffic stop but cop overly cautious with his gun out.

    He says 'license, registration.'

    The guy reached for his back pocket for his wallet for his license and registration.

    Cop opened fire on the dude, Killed him.

    Ive been fucked with by cops many many times, Bitches will make you seem like a bitch. Fools had me in my fucking drawers in the middle of the projects before like a damn fool. Everybody on the block staring.

    My pops done had his ass beat by them.

    Fuck the polcie for the most part.
  4. maybe the cop thought you were giving em the old eddie haskell routine?
  5. From my experience, cops are:

    80% Cocksuckers
    20% Nice guys/gals

    I've encountered some straight up douchebag bacon before, but theres been a few times that cops have went out of their way to help me out.
  6. I see where all of you are comin from. I got lucky I guess. It was interesting cuz after I left I looked at cops name on warning paper and it was the same cop who busted a few of my freinds for smoking a little while back.
  7. Your lucky bro. I was pulled over last night and got a big ol ticket.

    I was at a light turning right, making a delivery (Pizza :D), but it was no turn on red, so I sat and waited. Well this van coming out the bar went across the street I was sitting at, so when I turned right, I was behind them. Well they started at 15 in a 25, so I knew they were drunk. Then the speed went to 35, and still 15 mph from them. So I got on their ass.

    Well a couple seconds later the boys in blue are pulling me over for tailgaiting.

    I knew the cop but he was still a dick. And I told him that van was going way too slow, they just came from the bar. But he didnt care. Instead he made me wait another 20 minutes (My pizza was REALLY late now) and gave me a ticket for "Following too closly".

    3 people might have died last night from drunk drivers in that van, but hey "They werent breaking the law" is what I got from him.
  8. iv been pulled for not wearing a seatbelt, pulled for driving without an MOT(honest mistake didnt realise it had run out) and pulled once after hotboxing my car n then driving on a field :rolleyes: and got away with everything except my MOT got a £60 fine but the cop realised that i just hadnt realise n he said that if he hadnt already put it through the system he would of let me go. i find just being nice dont give them any trouble and you should be fine.

    i have no idea how i got away with driving on the field tho. that was just un-fucking-real. id hotboxed my car parked right infront of this field, once i was do i thought fuck it there was no one else about so i floored it onto this field pulled the handbrake had my car going completely sideways coming back onto the gravel carpark and then saw this car coming into the car park so i caught the slide and looked back up to see this car parked sideways across my only way out n then i realised that it was a undercover cop car. im shitting i cant let him come near the car it must fucking stick so i quickley jumped out of the car and walked over he got out of his car. "alright mate, im with the dog unit here is my ID" the dog is in the back of his astra van thing going wild. F*CK! im screwed. im ready to get taken in at this point. the rest of the convo went pretty much like this:
    "whats you name, date of bith, ect."
    " ********** "
    "do you go to the universty?"
    "er, no"
    "this is universty propety these premises are only available to students there, what are you doing here?"
    "i just came to see if my mates were here playing football but there not so i was just leaving."
    "whats in your car?"
    "nothing just a bottle of water but it doesnt look like im going to need it now."
    "right well im going to give the uni the details of your vechile and i dont want to hear any report of you been back here."
    and that was pretty much it i got in my car n got the fuck out of there before he changed his mind. if he had come like 5 seconds later i would of been back out on the field doing another slide. i think the first time he must of just missed me on the field and just seen my car going sideways across the carpark.
    fun times
  9. You are so lucky haha
  10. ive been pulled over 6 times in my 3 years of driving, 5 of those times i had beer/weed or both in my car. i was polite, respectful and 'remorseful' for whatever i did, usually nothing. but if you do that, cops are more inclined to let you go, or let oyu off with something else. ive only gotten one ticket, ever, and that was just last month. fuckin non posted speed limit changes.
  11. I just got a ticket dropped even though I failed to show up for my court date.

    I told them I had mailed in my ticket (lie) and that I hadn't heard back from them, then I get a letter saying all charges dropped. :cool:
  12. Every so often you'll come across a nice cop, but in my experience 97% of them are jerks.
    But I don't judge.
    Everyone around always thinks I'm in some kind of shit, because I'm so good at dealing with our cops. :cool:
  13. Every cop I've ever came across has been a fuckhead on a power trip.

    I'll surely change my view once I meet a nice cop, if that ever happens.

    But for the most part, fuck the police.
  14. yeah but the thing about my back is it's located on my DICK.

    fuck the police.

  15. i dont think this point can be reiterated enough,

    fuck the po-lice.

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