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  1. So many of you read my post a few days ago about the cops getting a search warrant at my work and everything...

    Anyway, there's been a lot of cops hanging around the store lately. Today when I get off work two of my buddies came and picked me up and maybe five blocks away from my work the same cop that was sitting on the corner of my work for about an hour speed up behind us and pulled us over.

    He said we didn't use a turn signal when changing lanes, even though we didn't EVER change lanes. Anyway, he got all our info and told the driver that since I'm with them and I have a red flag by my name they can search everyone and the car. So they did and all I had was a clean set of scales. He kept smelling them and using his knife to scrape under the scales where you can't see to get any pieces of weed but there was none. He was PISSED that he didn't find anything but had to let us go.

    Thank God I didn't have any pot or my strap or anything. For the last three weeks I've been feeling like I've been being watched...
    Another weird thing is that my cell phone has been cutting out a lot. I don't know if it's tapped or what but I've stopped using it and I'm going to pick up a cheap phone tomorrow.

    Anyway, he let me off and gave my friend a ticket for not using his turn signals which was complete bullshit. :rolleyes:
  2. if i were you id switch to a prepaid phone..cops cant track those or tap them. same shits happening to my best friends brother. good luck man just stay clean when ur outside your house and everything should be cool
  3. Honestly id prob stop selling and carry weed on me at the rarest of times. Smoke in private. Dude, it sounds like they are out to get you but you have the benefit of knowing that, dont be dumb and let them get you cause you slip up. There was a store near my place that this exact same thing happened to but they didnt stop, the store got shut down (the owner was partly in on it), and most of the workers got time cause they were dumb to keep going, knowing they were being watched.
  4. shoot him sounds like your best bet :smoke:

  5. No no no, that's much too obvious. Here's your best plan dude...

    First, go buy yourself a plane ticket to the Philippines. Head on over there, and arrange a meeting with a corrupt Wildlife Federation officer, who can get his hands on a monkey-eating eagle. You will probably need to arrange the buy spot at a dock, and cover the cage well (perhaps even tranquilize it to make it more quiet). In the dead of night, book it to a waiting oil rig (of course, pre arrange to meet with a sailor aboard, and pay him off with about $1,700) and load up your boat onto the rig. Create a fake identity that would be an already deceased person, and ship the tranquilized monkey-eating eagle in a casket to Rhode Island under the name of said fake person. Upon it's arrival in Rhode Island, pick it up and Fed Ex it as a "stuffed, prize kill" to your home. Here, let it come to, and then hire a trainer to teach it to kill humans as well, particularly ones in police attire. At this point, release it near the original cop, and let it do your bidding. It's an entirely fool-proof plan.

    Good Luck
  6. Wait you are not selling (anymore) and are carrying a scale!?

    He framed your friend for not using a turn'll be next...and then the cleanest scale won't help you anymore.

    Try explaining that to a judge...
  7. oh man your house better be clean as well. All they have to do is say a neighbor called about a domestic dispute, ie a lot of noise, and they will use the same red flag situation to come right in. And believe me it will be with dogs this time. Cops don't like to lose.
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    Cops dont like to lose? Cops DONT lose. They just fail sometimes, you can't beat the system bro, just chill and wait em' out. Dont think for a second that a cop won't lie in court to get your ass in jail. He will. Smarten up bro. If you fuck this up, you deserve to go to jail, im afraid to say.

    Your word vs. a cop's word...You sell drugs man, good luck with that one. Espically when ur packin a scale.
  9. Dude, no offense but your making a lot of mistakes. You are VERY lucky you haven't been caught yet. Dealing out of your work was a bad idea in the first place, unless you were in on it together with the owner (not the MANAGER the OWNER). You know your in the DEA's books, so why would you be carrying a strap in public? If you were to get rolled even with just a little bit of bud and a strap, they're going to automatically become suspicious of dealing. I feel for you though, I'd be stressed in that situation. Just stop dealing altogether, at least for a little while and only have personals. No scales, baggies or anything of the sort lying around. Good luck to ya
  10. Give your weed to a friend you trust that is willing to deal, sell using your friend and just give him a little of the cut or a little weed and he will be happy. You wont make as much as you could doing it by yourself, but if you keep it on the DL they will never know.

    And watch out to who you sell to, because if you sell 1 time to the wrong person you are fucked.

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