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Got pulled over last night.......

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 2313, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. So I've never been pulled over in my life.....until last night. I was stoned off some dank medical nug and was driving around with my friend. He lives right next to our old middle school and so I went into the parking lot at like 10 at night and turned around like and asshole cuz i didnt think anyone was there. All of the sudden a cop car rolls out from behind the school and flips its lights on. So i pull over in the parking lot and Im a little worried cuz i have a half, grinder, and bowl in my center console. I played it cool and looked her straight in the eyes while we were talking. She took my license and called the station and asked me a couple questions. At one point she said "you could have been drinking, or high thats why I pulled you over".... Im stoned while she is saying this but i just kept agreeing with her basically. I thought I was gonna have to break out the old "I do not consent to searches" lol but she ended up just telling me to drive more carefully. Sketchy situation just happy it all worked out. Happy holidays blades
  2. Lucky son of a bitch. A buddy of mine got busted last night driving home from work smokin a blunt lol
  3. nice job my brotha! hahah
  4. well that coulda gone a lot worse =]
  5. I hate being pulled over, that's why I always drive like I'm being watched. Too many cops trying to fuck up my day.
  6. A babe woman cop. Not bad.
  7. I was pulled over just last week on the freeway and was stoned off my ass and my car always reeks of weed. He asks me if I have anything illegal in the car and I just show him my medical card and my bud and he says have a nice day!
  8. Hotboxing on way to beachWe get pull overI'm not driving car still smokin lolMy friend gets out and says I was smoking and had rec. he said go get food and that I was a idiot for smoking while in a friends car My friend was blazing that shit to hahahCalifotniaSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. @[member="2313"] Female cops are really nice, at least in my experiences. 
  10. I also dropped my wallet outside a gas station today..........came back like 40 min later found it on the ground and it was all good lol. Idk what I did to get on karma's good side lately
    you better pass it on before it goes sour
  12. I always try to man hahaha pass on the good vibes
  13. please 
    just please be careful man, its not worth it. idk about were u live but in my state if you get caught with weed in a car you get possession and a separate charge of possession of css in a motor vehicle which is a automatic loss of license for 2 years. and you can get a duo so just be careful
  14. I second this. Go do something good soon man. Good on ya for keepin cool when pulled over even while holdin a bit of weight
  15. When it comes to kids and schools, like school parking lots, people turn into fucking nazis about pot.
    "Oh, the children! Think of the children!"
    Yeah, but think of the responsible adults who have to put up with these snot nosed little bastards all the time, too.
  16. Lol at "Think of the Children!"
    More kids drink and smoke in high school these days than ever before. Your DARE and other programs just push the kids away. They don't want to hear "stop! you can't do that!!!" Because they will just do it anyway to spite you.
  17. Should've asked her if she wanted the D.
  18. Played it smart bro good job. Had it happen to me when I was 17 two oz behind the seat an a 5th of southern comfort coverd by a sweater on passenger seAt cop pulls me over goes hi young man just wanted to let u no ur left tail lights out that's all I was like o ok thank you officer an drove right home I was scared as fuck lol
  19. OakHeart agrees.
  20. Never go into an empty parking lot at night, you're almost sure to alert cops.  That's very suspicious.

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