Got pulled over last night---I'm pissed!

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  1. So yeah apparently the old man forgot to pay the car insurance bill and our insurance was canceled. No one told me about this so I went about my job as usual.

    I stopped at Sheetz to use the bathroom and there was a cop at one of the gas pumps behind me but I thought nothing of it. There are always cops at that Sheetz. As soon as I left the parking lot he followed me and pulled me over. He said he ran my plates (for what reason? no idea. I guess he just felt like it.) and PennDOT said that my tags had expired. But for some reason I had a 2/08 sticker on my plates. WTF?! So my tags expired but instead of getting them renewed my idiot ex-boyfriend stuck illegal stickers on there. And since I was driving at the time, I'm at fault.

    I was in the middle of my route (newspaper delivery) and I get pulled over and the cop tells me I can't drive off because my insurance ran out. So the asshole makes me get all of my papers out of the car and has my car towed. FUCK! I had to sit on the side of the road like a jackass with about 150 newspapers and a couple of bundles waiting for my mom to come and get me to finish the route.

    So you know what? The second he left I packed a bowl and sat there on the side of the road at like 4:30 am and I smoked until my mom got there.

    Damn, I'm so pissed. So now I have to pay a ticket for driving without insurance. I didn't even know I didn't have insurance! :mad: :mad: Last night sucked so bad.
  2. That's fucking shitty. Seriously. I'm sorry =(. Whenever I get un-sick enough to smoke, my first bowl will be for you.
  3. he ran your plates while you were at a gas station? talk about an asshole pig with nothing better to do D:!!!! sucks hempy, cops suck, but at least you got to blow a bowl at 430 AM outside? eh.. just trying to look for an upside xD
  4. at least you didn't get charged for using illegal/fraudlent tags. sucks a bit for sure. maybe it was karma coming back at you for getting away with the weed in your bra.
  5. Yeah, seriously! He wasn't there when I pulled in the parking lot so it wasn't like he saw me do anything crazy. I had just got done delivering some newspapers to the trailer park right behind the Sheetz. They share the same entrance. So I KNOW he didn't see me do anything but come out of the store after I used the bathroom. I didn't do a damned thing wrong. He was just bored, I guess. Nice, huh?

    As far as I know anyway. He didn't give me a ticket right then. He said it would come in the mail. So for all I know he might add that other stuff on. :(
  6. Thats so shitty, positive karma will be coming your way soon I wouldn't even worry.
  7. You should've thrown a paper at his head. THAT would've be irony.
  8. Aww that sucks Hempy,*sending good vibes your way tho*
  9. That blows. I need to get my insurance paid for and a new sticker. Might get the sticker tomorrow.
  10. dam hempy, they towed your car. Def one of the worst feelings of all. Watching some mofo come thru in a tow truck and take away your vehicle like its nothing and shit. I hope you get everything resolved soon, no stoner deserves that. Best of LUCK:)
  11. Cop probably thought you looked good, and was bored, so he decided to check you out. When he found the tags were bad, that gave him the excuse to really check you out. Lets hope thats not how it played out, but why would he check you out? Sorry for the troubles Hempress, hope you get it sorted out.
  12. that sucks, at least you didn't have an O in car!!!
  13. That's your registration you're talking about I think, not insurance. You have to get your registration renewed once a year in most states I think. Insurance, they can't check for by running your plates. And, I didn't know they could check your registration that way either... That sux.

    A few months car was towed out of my own apartment building parking lot!:mad:

    At the building, they instituted a policy where you need a parking permit now...and I had to go down to the Property management company's main office to get one. long story short, I didn't get one, and they had my car towed. Fucking, cost 240 bucks:eek: to get my car back! WTF. I reported it stolen, haha. AND I bitched out the tow company and the property management company. I was thinking of taking them to court, but I figured I would probably lose the case. Because renters have no rights:(. I'd say your rights were violated, there, too. But it's kind of a gray area.
  14. Damn hempress that sucks!!!

    I hate when you just get fucked and dont even deserve it. Pisses me off so much so I feel you there.

    This bowl's for you.!
  15. No, I meant what I said. I was driving without both my registration and my insurance. He pulled me over after he ran my plates and found out my registration didn't match the sticker on the plate. After that he called my insurance company from the card I gave him.
  16. wow that sucks bigtime, you will probably have to start filling a SR-22 and your insurance rates will hit the roof. it's so retarded how stupid technicalities can rob you of all of your spending money. not really much you can do here, i would imagine. best thing you could do, imo, is hire a lawyer ( mine always gets my cases dropped somehow.. ) and maybe that could work for you. to get a class A misdemeanor dropped it cost me $1200. be looking to spend some money on some retarded stuff from here on out :-\

    sorry to hear about this, truly am.

    in my state, when you go to get registration you have to have insurance or you can't get it. one of the reasons my car is illegal now.

    i hate how it is required to have insurance. I only drive practically to school and back, which is no further than 2 miles, so paying for insurance doesn't justify the cost for me so i decided to drop my insurance. I hate having to pay 150-200 a month just to operate my car. its extreme bullshit.

    take care.

  17. how cheap are you? why dont you ride a bike? part of owning a car is understanding the fact that if you get into an accident, you can seriously injure yourself or others. do you have the money to pay for everybody's injuries?

    the people driving without insurance contribute the ridiculous insurance rates.

    ever been in an accident with someone that DIDNT have insurance? :rolleyes:

    the cop was just doing his fucking job.
  18. You misunderstand me. I am upset that the cop ran my plates when I wasn't doing anything wrong. I gave him no reason to pay special attention to me. I am not upset that I got caught driving without insurance. I am upset that I didn't know I didn't have insurance.
  19. I know, it sucks... happened to my dad a few months ago - he just forgot about it. My mother was on chemotherapy a number of years ago and completely forgot about insurance and registration.. a cop stopped her but let her get home out of pity.

    cops can and will run plates all the time... that's why plates are always visible; so they can be run at any time - it's not like they're violating your privacy. asking to search your car for no reason is unreasonable, but running your plates is not. perhaps your car had a similar description to one in a recent report? perhaps he was just stereotyping you?

    would have been better if you had found out about the insurance without the cops being involved, though :(
  20. Exactly the pig just wanted to make his quota, fuckin with innocent people. Hope he chokes on a krispy kreme. Fuck da police

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