Got pulled over by undercover cop for riding like a dick

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  1. So I was driving like an asshole and pissed off because the cop passed me and when the lane merged he just got ahead of me.  He was in an unmarked car so I didn't know.  He was trying to get passed me prior to that point but I was speeding up because I'm a fast driver as it is so I like to keep ahead of everyone rather than letting people pass me and getting stuck behind them.
    Well when he passed me I was aggravated and honked my horn at him.  I was acting like he cut me off but he really didn't.  The lanes just merged and he beat me to it.
    So he pulls to the side and I'm not going to bother saying anything to him so I just drive along.  He starts driving behind me but not tailgaiting or anything so I feel like he was just letting me pass.

    Then bam I hear the sirens go on.  FML!  I pull over right away.  Thank God I see that it's a cop I know.
    He comes up to the window and I act real calm and polite like nothing happened LOL  He's like "What's your problem????"  I had no answer.  Then he asks me are you (my last name)?  I respond yes.  He just tells me how I have to calm down and it happens but I need to cool it.  Then I proceeded on my way home.
    Thank God I actually am pretty damn lucky

  2. LOL shit man! If I see an ugly coloured sedan I always just assume cop!
    Heads up for next time though eh

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  3. Yes you did. He could have given you a ticket costing hundreds of dollars.
    Politeness helps you avoid tickets as well.
  4. did this b4. learned my lesson real quick. they fucked with me bad
  5. Lolol nice story :)
  6. Must live in Cali and be from a different state to huh?
    Hate the way these people drive out here LOL just got to haul ass i feel safer then in traffic
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    What's with your user picture? That's very disturbing.  Why would you have that, honestly?  Please change it.
    I'm from NJ born and raised.
    It has been a while since I've been pulled over (knock on wood) but thank God I didn't get fucked today. I love my life.
    With how crazy some people are or other people possibly having gone through a horrible situation just prior to your incident, it could have been a LOT worse. Be careful dude. You don't know who you're fucking with. You may just happen to run into the wrong motherfucker and get shot. I've seen similar shit before when I was driving. I'm a laid back, defensive driver as I always leave early and am never in a rush. If I'm pissed, that's one of the rare occasions where I'll take a toke or two to calm down, but otherwise, I don't drive stoned.
    Chill dude. Hopefully you learn a lesson from this and are more careful. Put on some mellow tunes, spark up a J and just cruise, minding your business :)
  9. I assume all cars are cops unless I determine they're not.

    Always look for the light bars, any type of FOOP sticker, or even license plate, most male police officers have a buzz cut.

    It may be profiling but my clean record can testify to these facts
  10. People like you who give Pits such a Bad Rep 
  11. True shit.  I really hope I've learned my lesson.  I need to think 2 or 3 times before acting.  I got real lucky that it wasn't someone else that would've just loved to hand me a bunch of tickets.  I actually thought I was going to get shot at first when he pulled over.  I thought dam some shits about to go down.  I was on a road that you don't want to get caught honking at the wrong person.
    Shows how ignorant you are.  I'm not at the shore you clown.  And I can tell you don't keep up with the news, just a silly little kid.  I'm right next to NYC, not that bullshit you seen on TV.  Go watch Goodfellas or Sopranos.  That's where I'm from.  Go watch your MTV kid....sad.
  12. Yea I honestly didn't give it any thought.  I was surprised to see an undercover riding there.
  13. your a joke dude
    and im not a kid there guy
  14. Not at all.  You've come in here with nothing to say and wasting your time.  You aren't a kid?  Lord help you.  Grow up.  Talking about a Jersey Shore?  You're brainless.  Get lost now.
  15. First of all i was commenting on your post with no negative vibes..
    you on the other hand bad mouth my Service dog that is used to help me Deal with PTSD and TBI..
    I probably have more time in Iraq and Afghanistan than you do out of high school
    Have a nice day Sir
  16. Yea I bet.  You can be anyone you want on the internet.
    I'm trying to be respectful to you and just asking you to leave.  Just don't post anymore.  Do you have a purpose for posting to me?  Let me know if there's any real point you're trying to make because really you just sound silly.
  17. usually undercover vehicles are issued to detectives, or tactical enforcement. You also have to keep in mind the difference between Undercover and unmarked. 
    You have a damn good eye if you can spot an undercover vehicle, unmarked is a little easier.
  18. no your coming off as silly and a dick head man lol. 
    "go watch mob movies thats where im from"
    fucking lol on that one
  19. Whats up with your avi bro, change it. Your shits wack dog.


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  20. I like weeman30 picture.... It makes me smile :) fellow pitbull owner 

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