Got pulled over by the cops with bong in car!

Discussion in 'General' started by ROCHESTER-420, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Yesterday i was driving down 390..(Express way). I was going 10 over and i noticed i pasted a cop. i got off the next exit as fast as i can and took off the downstem and bowl head, threw it out window. made it up about 50 ft and i saw the sirens.. HE GOT me.. wen he came to the car he asked for the usual licence and registration and asked why MY eYES WERE RED:mad: i was so fuckin maddddddddddd. so now he nos im sum type of high lol and spots the toro in the back under the seat..wasnt really placed tht good cuz i had to do it quick, well he askks me wuts it for and i said i jus had bought it off somebody and they gave it to me without the other stuff on it specifically for this purpose if i got pulled over.... WELL TO sum it up i got away with a bong session in my car but the negative was i lost the downstem and bowl head..but 2 more positives is i got a pic of the cop coming to the car and i goT OUT OF A FREE TICKET

  2. and now you know, dont smoke bongs in cars. too bad u had to toss the bowl and downstem, on a toro it might be a bitch to replace.
  3. Need to start stashing large pieces in the trunk or somewhere else smart. I've been lucky enough to get away a couple times as well, but you just got lucky the cop wasn't a hardass.
  4. hell ya i got real lucky knowing that the cop looked like officer farva haha

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