got pulled over by cop while kinda drunk..

Discussion in 'General' started by Meeesh, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. so I'm coming back from a bar and I'm with my gf and our other two friends and we were all pretty drunk, i just buzzed. were driving down this narrow side street to drop off my two friends and i kinda didn't stop at a stop sign and then i look up and i see light flashing! all I'm thinking is fuck theres a joint chillin in door panel pocket thing, and I'm buzzed fuck i was sooo scared and my friend is a super douchebag when he's drunk and he's like braggin blah i know my rights he can't do anything he was blurting a lot of nonsense and i just told him to chill and stfu. so the cop comes up and he's like hey you know what the speed limit is and i said idk around 20 25? and he's said yeah 20, do you know how fast you were going? i said probably 30. he's like right again. then he asked for all out ids and my friend was like why why do you need it and just complaining and said that this was bulshiit blah blahblah and they began cursing at each other and the cop kinda just walked away mid argument and walked back to his car and I'm just sitting there like wtff is going on dude why can't you just stfu and he's like omg dude I'm sorry bro ill pay for the ticket if you get one dude. so the cop comes back hands us our ids back and just tells me to watch my speed and let us go. it was such a fuckin relief now to celebrate on not getting a dui :smoke:
  2. *Butthole unpuckers and balls descend to their home*

    I love homeostasis
  3. [quote name='"papasmoke"']*butthole unpuckers and balls descend to their home*

    i love homeostasis[/quote]

  4. Dude I used to chill with people like ur friend
    Like If they know every trick to get out
    When they're just a lot of talk
    Fuck that was so annoying
    I'm sorry OP

    But damn dude consider tthis a miracle man :smoking:
  5. I was a total asshole to a cop the last time I was pulled over a little drunk. He didn't know or ask if I have been drinking but I was probably over the limit. I just kept asserting all my rights and shit. He gave me a ticket and then as he walked away I called him a fucking asshole and he came back to the truck and All I could think of saying was "Are you detaining me or am I free to go? He said I was free to go and I left with just a ticket.
  6. yea my friend kept calling the cop and asshole too, i was trying sooo hard not to laugh, it was rather amusing watching them go at it

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