Got pulled over Blazed last night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JetLife, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. So last night i was drivng home from my friends house at about 1145 and we had just hot boxed my car for a good hour. The car reeked so i opened up the sunroof and my window and turned the AC on full.

    After about 5 minutes of trying to air the smell out, I saw a cop in the lane to my left, i got nervous but i thought i was fine because i wasnt speeding or anything. So i looked away and focused on the road, as i looked back he pulled right behind me and i saw his lights turn on. My heart stopped for a few seconds and i thought i was completly FUCKED.

    My parents have no idea that i smoke and if they found out they would take everything away from me including my car, phone and ground me for the rest of tha summer and it would just completly ruin my life.

    I was so high that it took me about a minute to find a place to pullover and i thought forsure he knew that i was stoned. I pulled over and it seemed like it took him forever to finally get out of his car, i sat in my car basically shitting my pants.

    He came to the window and the first thing he said was "Your tabs are expired" let me see your license. I immediatly felt relieved. I was so high that i handed him my whole wallet and he said i dont need the whole wallet, just your license.

    This cop must have been really nice or he must have been really stupid that he couldnt tell i was HIGH as fuck. He went to his car and came back and said that it was his mistake and my tabs ran out on june 30th and i looked at my clock and it actually 1158 pm. So he let me go and i was free.

    I have to say i am extremly lucky and relieved that i got away :)
  2. Yeah man, something similar happened to me about a year or two ago. I was driving back from my gf's house at 3AM with marijuana and mushrooms in my pocket and i was pulled over for my brake light being out. I fruck out, but the cop didn't suspect me at all. Just gotta keep your cool!

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