Got Pulled Over and Searched WTF

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  1. So I went to pick up my roomate that is in jail, he had a job intervweiw. When i was taking him back to the jail i got pulled over for my tint, i was like okay no problem, then he goes back in his car and fiddles with his dick or whatever they do.

    When he comes back to my car he asked me to step out of my car, i was like why? and he said because it smells like weed...i was like shiit (in my head) so i go to the back of my car and he pats me down, he finds my $80 knife and he takes it, then he proceeds to search my truck and he doesnt find anything exept some papers haha, he asked me what i used them for, i told him i like to roll cigs every now and then...he was a complete d-bag about everything, right now i just realized he stole my knife!! he never gave it back...fuck!
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    Go to the Police Station where he is stationed @ and file a report to get back your knife, simple as that.
  3. What's with all these "fuckin' stupid pigs searchin' me just because they smelled weed" threads lately?
  4. i think thats just a classic cop line so they can search your car... who they gonna belive? especially if he DOES find some smoke..... seems like quite a ripoff......:mad::mad::mad:
  5. I'm actually in agreement with Blutteufel.

    Dont smoke in your car then drive around with papers in the back....

    I dont even keep my dealer card in my truck.

    Thats bullshit about your knife tho.

    I'm assuming its actually a legal knife. Like under 6 inches and shit.

    Go file a report, i would have asked for his badge number.
  6. Do not smoke in your car moron!

  7. There's no need for that now...
  8. I smoke in my car all the time.... Then again I spray some shit in it and put the windows down when Im done....
  9. This note is IMPORTANT!

    Watch this video now(recommended) or the next time you're stoned(better than not watching) it can save your ass hardcore if you ever get pulled over.
    Stop the cops from intimidating you or your friends.
    It's 45 minutes long but better to watch this than 5 years of jail.
    Flex your rights like you mean it motherfucker.
  10. the thing is i have NOT smoked in my car for over a month, i asked my roomate and about 3 other people if it smelled like weed and they said no, so that makes me kind of suspisious.

    im also going to call the pd tommorow to see if i can get my knife back, the thing is i didnt get his name or badge or anything!
  11. also one more thing i forgot to add. My roomates brother is a well known by the cops for smoking...the cop asked if i knew him and i said yes, and hes like "well i know he smokes marijuana"

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