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Got pretty moist weed, how to dry?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Olive Juice, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I just got some pretty moist weed that wasn't cured properly. I got it for free so I'm not really mad. In what ways can I dry it relatively quick?

    How long would it take if I wanted to naturally dry it out under the sun? Or is that not a good idea?

    Also, it's in a jar right now. Would it grow mold if I left it in there?
  2. let it sit out and it should dry relatively fast

  3. Should I break the buds up into smaller ones? Or just let it sit in the sun just like that?
  4. Just let it sit out. Like on a table in your room or kitchen or something. You can also put a fan on it to speed it up. Should be dry in about 30min to an hour depending on how moist it is.
  5. Sitting it in the sun isn't a good idea... Especially if you dont have a lot of it... it will over dry it.
  6. You can dry the buds out in the sun if you want, but make sure the jar is open or you WILL get mold. You could blow a fan on it or something also.
  7. Don't leave it out in the direct sun. I personally would not worry about using a fan. Just set it out for an hour and come back.
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    I can check it every now and then if need be, not worried about that.
  9. Oh alright thanks for the fast responses. I thought it would have taken days to dry.
  10. If you have a car you can let it sit on the dashboard in the sun and it will probably dry out within 2-3 hours, but do know that it will make your car smell.
  11. I had some moist stuff last week and I just left it on the counter for a day near an ac vent.

    If you break it up itll dry faster. More surface area open for evaporation to take place.
  12. Another method that you can use to dry weed.... This is what ive done in my past growing days... Is take a sun reflector (one of the things that you use to put in your car to keep the sun from baking the can get these for about $5 at autozone.) and then take it and lay it on your car hood. After this take your weed and evenly spread it across the reflector and then take some pieces of paper and lay them on top of the weed... You can then put a few small rocks on top of it so that the wind doesn't blow them off. This will dry the weed very fast if it is a very sunny and hot day and will also keep the color of the weed pretty well. Laying weed in direct sunlight can fade some color if you don't watch me... I would know lol

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