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  1. Long story short, found a little bitch Hermi ball sack on one of my 5 week flowering plants.

    Two out of 5 plants are starting to create seeds.

    Their main colas dont seem affected, but the bottom popcorn buds are starting to form big fat ones. I'd say about 10% of the buds have little seeds forming. They are green and still squishy.

    Can I just pull off whatever seeds I find? Or will that stress the plant more?

    Essentailly, I want the plant to stop realizing it has seeds and continue its energy on bud production, no matter how small.

    Or has my plant completely shut down and started making the very few seeds it has?

    Finding out your plants are pollinated is devastating. It wouldn't have happened if the hermi didn't show itself so late into flowering and the little sack was withen one of the main colas and impossible to find more of. I chucked the plant, making hash out of it. Regardless, can anyone answer my above questions?
  2. Thats what she said!

    I had to do it, lol

    but really you can pull them off with no problems as far as I can tell from doing it, but in my experience if its at the bottoms its going to get to the tops pretty fast, check closely at the very top of the colas in the middle on the top there could be a seed there as well, if so tale a pin or needle or scalpel as I use and pick it out of there carefully as to not mess up the bud

    I would cut it down now and be happy you have this much bud with little seeds because over night it could get worse - I have had this problem in the past and I wish I had cut it down a few days earlier then I did
  3. I'm looking at the plants now and the trich's are all cloudy, so chopping now wouldn't be a bad idea.

    However, I don't see any seeds up top.. or anywhere else for that matter, ever since I picked off the bottom ones.

    Is that how seeds "spread" though? Just 1 bud needs to get infected to infect the rest? lol I was hopping only that bud would make seeds and the unpollinated cola's would keep fattening up if not a little bit.

    The young seed pods I ripped off are sitting a jar with other trimmings, they are coated with trichs, so they'll be used for hash
  4. from what I know it happens when pollen gets onto the female flowers - this can happen by it blowing through the air and landing on the plant, or bugs carrying it - or in the case of herme plants the pollen gets made on the plant next to the female parts and it gets it pregnant so the seed grows in place where the herme parts were at - there can also be some surrounding that because the pollen is like flower and is dry and goes everywhere (if you have a plant thats male you should cover it with a bag carefully and spray it with water to keep it from going anywhere) and can get in different places on the plant

    I have noticed that when its a herme causing this then it usually spreads like a cancer and can get worse, usually it starts at the bottom and works it way up - if its not a matter of loosing lots of money or anything like that cut it down now and be happy its not worse - you could leave it and it could be just fine but who knows

  5. Thanks, I did cut it 2 days ago.

    The buds were getting worse and worse... found 3 seeds, then 10, then 15 ...

    Then I chopped it, because I wasn't waiting for anymore to pop up.

    I threw the buds in a paper bag, let it dry for 2 days and wallah, its some pretty decent smoke. It was grown correctly up until the chop, so its still sticky. Gives me a really cerebral high.

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