Got paranoid while listening to The Doors

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by alicedee07, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. The song in particular was "The Spy" by the Doors. I love that song so much, it sounds so shady and sneaky just like the way a spy should be. While I was listening to it last night completely ripped, I started getting these vibes from my closet like someone was in the closet watching me. Got up to check my closet, and I closed the door lol. Then I started to get these vibes like someone was actually in or around the house watching me. My heart started beating really fast as the song went on I had to stop it lol. Anyone else have some moments of paranoia with some songs?
  2. jim morrison god

    so of course he is watching you
  3. Wow once again I'm really blazed and the thought of that is kinda crazy.
  4. Jim Morrison, is indeed the God of Rock, as well as the Lizard King

    Try listening to "celebration of the King snake"
  5. ya dude, i had this hilarious techno band, infected mushroom, playing, i dont remember which song....but their shit is freaky sober.

    anyways, i was sitting there baked, and it felt like the music was taking me over....on the creepy parts it was weird....
  6. Hmm, Not too many songs get me paranoid. Although I'd rather be paranoid then let my guard down if I was in Public...

    I used to listen to mostly rap when I was high.
  7. I really don't like listening to the Beatle's Revolution No. 9 really blazed. The cacophony of clashing noises makes me noxious.

    Although I guess this could've been part of the song's intention.

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