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Got Papers?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wunschshrek, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Well I should be set for the next 2 years or so.

    Really saves money, 100 booklets, 34 in each, about 50 bucks.


    Anyone else buy in bulk?
  2. Nice papers doggy. Throw me a pack cuz FUCk ive been lagging on going to the shop and grabbing some juicy jays. Ive been meaning to just roll up a joint and just get lit with my feet up on the bed.
  3. This is something I've noticed quite a lot in my time browsing these forums. Despite America getting almost everything cheaper than England, it seems to me that you guys pay more for your rolling papers than we Brits do. The standard price for rolling papers here; atleast in my area, is 20-25p (40-50cents) for standard sized papaers and 40-50p (80c-$1) for the 'king' sized papers.

    If my memory serves me well, I've read of americans paying upwards of $2.50 for rolling papers, this high price is practically unheard of where I'm from. Can any americans confirm this?

    This would also be coherent with your post, as you claim that buying in bulk saves a lot of money, and you've paid 50c a packet.

    Regardless of this, I'll take cheaper electronics; housing; cars etc over cheaper rolling papers any day.

    Anyway, its always useful to have rolling papers on hand, I doubt you'll be running out soon.
  4. Makes sense, Bambu's too :hello:.
  5. We here in America are at the mercy of the Federal Reserve and a woefully mismanaged foreign policy.

    We pay higher prices for everything because we spend billions upon billions of dollars every year on a foreign policy we can't manage. Because the Federal Reseve can alter the value of our dollar at their own whim. The reason? Because we don't have sound money anymore. Our dollar is not based upon a certain amount of gold. Why? We're on credit. We print more and more money to try to keep up with it all but that just exacerbates the problem.

  6. Yeah they kill you on tobacco products here.

    These papers are 2.25-2.50 per pack here in NY.
  7. Its just the government's way of saying they want us to toke up a bong.
  8. I did the math... thats 68 a dollar
    I get 100 rizzla/zigzag for 1.25....
  9. Youre a loser.
  10. I buy the brand I like, I don't mind paying more for a product I enjoy.
  11. Damn, that's alot of papers..great deal too

    i'm not a joint person's either enough for a blunt or enough for a brimmed bong pack :smoking:

    enjoy em
  12. Oh im def a blunt man too. I like switching it up a lot. I don't really smoke bongs, because after smoking for about 15-20 years, my lungs are pretty much shot lol. I see the younger generation taking massive bong rips on here / youtube, and my lungs are crying from just watching the video.

    When I hit a bong I usually only fill it up 1/3-1/2 of the way lol, and ill still cough up a lung. So I stick to joints/blunts and the occasional bubbler ;) I prolly only smoke a bong once a month or so lol, just to keep things interesting.


    I feel ya on the blunts tho! I always keep some dutchmasters in house, im a long timer customer of the ;) (great site, nice selection, good pricing, super fast shipping).
  13. The thing is though, I seemed to only notice rolling papers being extortionate. Again, reliant on my memory I recall people paying prices of $1.50 or thereabouts for rolling tobacco. I assume this is a low quality brand; but even the lowest quality tobacco rill run you atleast £2.50 ($5.07) here for 12.5grams.
  14. Yeah you can get some cheap tobacco here, Probably cause USA produces a ton of tobacco.

    My uncle uses his cig rolling machine and only ends up paying like 1.80 or so a pack, rolling his own, in the empty cig casings and loose tobacco, isntead of buying a pack. (i forget the actual number but 1.80 sounds about right, this was like 8 years ago when he told me too so might have went up a bit since then).
  15. Thanks for the input! It's much appreciated. Lucky Americans and their cheap prices....,
  16. thats the same thing we say about canada :p

    But wunschschrek that looks like those will last ya quite awhile. They would last me probably 10 years because I absolutely love keeping a variety in the ways I smoke.

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