got out of a DUI last night

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  1. cop pulled me over at like 3am on my street, I was on my way home from fishing at the beach. I cannot tell you how many times i denied smoking and being high, but eventually the cop got frustrated because he knew that I knew my civil rights and he let me walk home. It was really funny because i could tell that he gave it one last shot when he was like "now we can do this the hard way or the easy way, if we do this the hard way then you and your friends will go to jail tonight and if we do it the easy way there will be less penalties." Whenever he asked me if I was high, i would answer with "am i under arrest officer" he said "no" so I would then ask "am i free to go?"

    first time i ever had to confront a cop about bud, I learned how to deal with the situation from a friend who is a lawyer. You gotta stand your ground and not be intimidated. You don't have to answer any questions you don't wanna answer, just answer with "am i under arrest?" "am i free to go officer"? "what can i do to help the situation?"

  2. glad you know your rights. most of the stories on here go something like
    "well i knew he would somehow find it anyway so i just gave him the weed and my pipe to get off more easily"

    chances are the penalty will not be any easier and you just gave yourself a 100% chance of getting caught instead of a 20% chance. (estimate)

    good job man
  3. Honestly, that shit doesn't work in rural Texas.

    If you "lawyer up" or exercise your rights, cops around here still do what the fuck they want, and will fuck your shit up.
  4. Great to hear you stood your ground and knew your rights.
  5. some cops dont give a shit about rights....

    but when you show your knowledge of them then they are less likely to abuse your rights..
  6. i did this trick once.

    then the drug dog came out the back of his suv cop cruiser..

    and when a dog false alerts on the trunk.. nothing you can do. even if they find half a gram of bud in your ashtray.
  7. crazy, good thing that guy didnt have a K9! IT was funny, all the sudden he went to he trunk and came back and said "its your lucky day, i just got a call". he was lying, i didnt hear shit on his radio lol he was just frustrated
  8. I got pulled over once and the cop said I can either give them my bud and nothing will happen or I can not and theyll get a dog and arrest me. So I ended up just giving the bud to the cop and she said alright thanks for cooperating and let me off free. So what some of you guys are sayin isnt always true
  9. i had an ounce of some dank i grew, i wasnt about to give that shit up! lol
  10. aahhh I see your point. All I had was acouple grams. I woulda taken my chances with that too
  11. QFT! Can't stand the cops around Oak Cliff.

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