got new rims for my ride

Discussion in 'General' started by UnkrautRaucher, May 15, 2002.

  1. 18x8 Boyd Coddington Shadow's

  2. again ALMOST tempted to show my rims. but as they are ON my ride an its well, really really you think i just drive to the mall? HA!
    lol yea stony i did get those new mud tires too! (eventually)...
    those are some fancy lookin'rims friend :D
  3. well i'm not putting any "mud" tires on, i'm putting on 225/40/18's and thats about a 2.5 inch sidewall
  4. tight rims...when u put them on post another pic
  5. nice rims now let's see that car

  6. acoarse i knew that :D
    im not stupid, i just play like i am on the internet
  7. i don't own a car i own a 86 s-10 blazer this is a pick of my ride, i got new rims cause these 16's are small want something a little bigger. i'll have pics of my ride w/ the new rims when the tires get here.

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  8. what brand tire you getting
  9. i'm getting Kumho Supra 712's 225/40/18's
  10. Thank god you got new rims, those stock ones were hella ugly. I am thinking about getting 5-spokes for my ride too. I drive a '91 Eclipse GSX (All-wheel + turbo) with a combat body kit on it. She's pretty sexy, but the stock GSX rims aren't very satisfying.
  11. if someone says I'm rollin on 20s..that means the dimater of the rims right?
  12. dope rims...I ride a 2k2 Impreza far it's bone stock except for a turbo timer (which I feel is extremely important). I'm also gonna pick up some rims in the future...I was thinkin clean white 5 spokes from 5zigen...would look pretty tight on my car (it's black) with red brake calipers...but of course this is all gonna come after extensive suspension and engine tuning.

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