Got myself a kitty today

Discussion in 'General' started by BiG StroOnZ, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. <table _base_target="_TOP" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1" width="100%"><tbody _base_target="_TOP"><tr _base_target="_TOP"><td colspan="2" _base_target="_TOP" valign="top"></td></tr></tbody></table>Its about 4 weeks old, picked it up today. My friend has a cat that bangs all the kittys on the block n gets them knocked up. The furball is so chill, its real layed-back and friendly :hello:.


    I'm thinkin of either Toilet training it or leash training it but I`m gonna try one of them and be successful.

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    built him this mean ass house, complete with front yard and seperate rooms lol.
  2. nice kitten man, should be a nice experience. my cat recently died from cancer, but she was old and lived a very very happy life, so I have few regrets.
  3. Man thats awesome. I love cats having 3 of them myself. Nice little house you made it too.
  4. yeah man cats can be so chill when u train em right, but some people suck at training them and then their cats suck. but everyone i know that smokes bud that has a cat, has a badass cat jst cuz... i dunno why. guess coz of all thc in the air all the time. anyway srry to get off subject, sweet kitten man, when u gonna break his lungs in?
  5. fuck kitties that thing weould make me fucking sneeze and itch like a fucking monster....
  6. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, no offense but, hahahahahahahahahah
  7. Awwwwwwww what a cutie!! Although isn't 4 weeks a little young? I thought they usually give em away after at least 6.

    Here's a pic of my sexy kitty, Mr. Patel:
  8. Get'em High!
  9. Cats are so chill.

    But i hate this dog person / cat person crap.

    I just love animals, both are great creatures to me.
  10. Aw, cute kitten!
    Good luck with toilet-training. Make sure it doesn't fall in ;P.
    And DelaWHERE?, your kitty's super super sexy.
  11. i have three cats. two i only see every few weeks. i think they mainly live around my neighbours house. not really sure. every once and a while theyll be walking outside, ill see em out a window. they are cool though, i never have to buy them food. my other cat lives mostly in my house, its one of the coolest cats ive ever known, all my friends love it. very nice, will come and sit on your lap anytime and just hang out.

    i prefer my dogs though. cats just arent really any fun. dogs protect the house, and are great to play with, i find you can have a much better relationship with a good dog.
  12. Awww, How cute!! I love Pussies too!
  13. Adorable. :D But yeah, 4 weeks is too soon for this kitten to be away from it's mother. The eyes have just opened fully and the ears have just turned erect instead of folded over. 6 weeks would be better, but 8 weeks is probably the best until taken away. That's a pimp house you made for it though. I don't know if you know this, but it's just advice from someone who worked at a shelter for four years - you might consider giving the lil guy a milk supplement (Wal-Mart may carry it, but any pet store will have it) to make sure he's getting all the nutrients he's not getting from his mom. That and TLC (and some socialization) will give you a chill cat that will bring years of happiness.

    (Sometimes I feel as though I should be a writer for a greeting card company.....)
  14. Don't smoke up the cat too soon. Let he/she body develop before you smoke them out. When they grow up, bog 'em out.
  15. I love kitties. Once my cat had 2 litters in one spring, they were a handful, but we eventually found owners for them. We got to keep one but the day after it was chilling under my moms car, and well you know the rest.

  16. Make sure you keep that cute little kitty indoors so he doesn't meet the fate that oh-so-many outdoor cats do. I don't really understand "owning" a pet that you leave free to roam a neighborhood and consistently be in harms way.

    ps--Pinky approves of my pussy! :laughing: I'm honored!
  17. Cats are awesome stoner pets, i once had 4 cats living in my room basically haha..they were allways baked and fighting and shit, it was very entertaining, i had one FAT black fluffy one(Shadow), a skinny PURE black one (midnight), a 9 year old bitchy female cat, and a 5 month year old pure white fluffy cat, with blue eyes, Isis was her name.
  18. lol nice house equiped with front lawn and seperate rooms that made me laugh. cute kitty too i have one now thats like 14 years old.
  19. I would never get my cat stoned when I had her, just a personal moral feeling about it, but whatever.
  20. That reminds me of this one dumb chick I used to know who killed her cat when he jumped in the dryer and she started it. She said she had to buy all new clothes because there was blood and fur all over hers. I feel bad for the cat, but the girl had it coming...

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